1. My Hot StepSister

    8/25/2019: The night was young when my pretty little step-sister walked down the stairs in her little skimpy shorts and tank top asking for a back massage. This was new to me, because I had always been a shut-in and never had girls ask me for anything but the answer to number 6. This was extremely rare and I decided to jump on it with as much enthusiasm as I could. "Yea Amanda!" I croaked as I nearly jumped off the couch. "Great," she said, "soccer really has me tensed up." I looked down at her smooth tan legs and realized for the first time that my step-sister was actually... Well, she was hot! As read Sex Story
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  2. What husband does not know will never hurt him. Intro to the family.

    8/25/2019: I am living full time with my Aunt Grace and Uncle Bill. My Uncle Bill, he really does not want me here. My mother, Mildred past away while I was here visiting my Aunt Grace, Uncle Bill and cousin Marjorie. Oh I can not forget princess, the family dog, a German Shepard, a very good girl She died after a wonderful 17 years of life. Oh my God if she could only talk, she talk read Sex Story
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  3. What husband does not know will never hurt him. Intro to the family Into to the family.

    8/25/2019: My Uncle Bill, he would be out side of the bank waiting on his daughter to get off work, at 4:30 pm. It was the only time of the day, that I was home alone with my Uncle Bills wife, Grace/ my Aunt Grace. My Aunt is real knock out, a real fine piece of ass. She would turn heads of many many a man out on the streets or any place she went. Every stiff cock that I got was from being around read Sex Story
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  4. What husband does not know will never hurt him. Intro to the family.

    8/25/2019: My Uncle Bill, he knows that his wife Grace and I have a close relationship. He just does not know just how close that our relationship has gone. My Uncle Bill, he had left the house, at 4:00 pm. He would drive down to the bank, he would park out side the bank. His daughter was a bank teller. She did not get out of work until 4:30 pm. My Uncle Bill would be home again with his daughter at about read Sex Story
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  5. 327Lusting after a Goth Girl

    8/25/2019: 327Lusting after a Goth Girl Our favourite club owner, we will call him Bobby, fancies the two girls Mary and May., big time, They both won in his last wet tea-shirt competion, and he`s been wanting to watch the girls in action ever since, however both girls decided that as Bobby tended to have, well shall we say carnal knowledge of a number of folk, so they neither of them wanted to have full blown sex with Bobby. So, when they finally agreed after lot of our Bobby begging, to go to the club when it was closed, sometime and put on a show for his benefit, by having some fun he being a real old read Sex Story
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  6. Someone Was There #9

    8/25/2019: I roll over and over. I tumble and fall. I wake with a shock. My head hurts. I am lying on the floor. Disorientated, I take in my surroundings. Everything seems very familiar. I realize I have fallen out of bed. Looking at the clock on the bedside shows me it is time to get up. I arrive at work fed, washed and dressed. The morning passes in a pleasant enough fashion. A little before read Sex Story
    Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: DB5, Source: LushStories
  7. Panties And Pigtails

    8/25/2019: Her tongue. My ass. That, I did not expect. Especially, not from someone so young. Nor did I anticipate the sticky strawberry lip gloss, the bevy of unripened freckles, or her nearly breast-less, mosquito-bite nipples on an immaturely lean, lightly-tanned body. What was that saying about a carpenter’s dream? I ordered young and cute, but they sent me, life-as-I-know-it ending jailbait read Sex Story
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  8. Wendy Gets Up Close and Personal

    8/25/2019: As many of you know from our prior stories, my husband and I have long enjoyed showing me off to other men and having sex while they watch. Unfortunately the way we have done it in the past can be dangerous, from a legal standpoint. Especially dangerous was what we did in Ft. Lauderdale with all of those people in the W looking into our room as we had sex. That was a tremendous orgasm for me, but read Sex Story
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    8/25/2019: RIVER TRIP PT 1 On a weekend visit to their river house a few years before I married her sister,I got there a day early to fix a few a few electrical issues on the house and air conditioning.In a spare room closet I found the problem. 4 black lock boxes and something wrapped in a sleeping bag were blocking the air return, That's when I found her Sybian, A war chest of toys, and the Biggest Collection of Forbidden Porn ive ever seen. But, the best thing was the photo albums, & vhs tapes that showed how kinky my Sis in Law reall is.She had grainy video of her sister and I from an earlier vi read Sex Story
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  10. Old Friends

    8/25/2019: Note: Set in a Free Use world and lots of anal as usual. Quite a quick story this time since it was inspired by a one paragraph long thing I saw ages ago about how free use sluts would act to their friends. I liked it and wrote this but couldn't think of how to make it more substantial. I get inspired pretty easily by little things even as short as a sentence, so if you have any ideas, feel free read Sex Story
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