1. San diego learning the hard way part 1

    11/29/2023: A hippy surfer boy I was asked "how many times has a stranger fucked you lets say last week?" "25 to 30" "you with with long blond hair...basic San diego dime a dozen beach boy look" "I know if I got run over by a truck no one would care" "some lady asked me in class in front of everyone when was the last time I had a homemade meal ?" "What's that...? never cause I didn't know everyone laughed at read Sex Story
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  2. Wife fucked by tTurkish waiters

    9/20/2023: My wife and I had our first Turkish holiday a few years ago my wife was 31 and had a nicely formed body with nice firm 36 b tits blonde and very attractive .On arrival at our hotel we were met by the enthusiastically hotel waiter Ali Tony and Jak they were all over my wife Lynda can I get you this can we get you that they were treating her like a goddess I wasn't to bothered as I new she would read Sex Story
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  3. White sissy crossdresser obsessed with Black cocks

    8/28/2023: When i was married, i loved watching my wife with Black guys, it progressed quickly from the guys she fucked shed meet more , and so it grew into bigger and bigger gangbangs. I was fine with it , but as she became kinkyer, she stayed out later and later, one Black guy i worked with knew some guys that she was hanging out with,gave me a heads up on the deal. He explained that she was with some drug read Sex Story
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  4. hippy-surfer M 4 M

    5/10/2023: I grew up in southern California during the 80's later on I began to to organize a fairly large group of men that would only get together twice a month and smaller groups all the time. Back then their were swinger parties that got huge and the families would have over lots of couples and have sex most of the time the kids would stay the nite someplace girls go wherever and boys different place and read Sex Story
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  5. Hippy beach boy meets mature men

    5/5/2023: Southern California hot beach in Del mar / Encinitas 80's I was wearing the only suit I had and they were skimpy half the size of the boys in their Speedos I was not going to school today and ditched I was already in the next town and decided to go to my friends who was in class his step father was new but I suspected he was into more and knocked on the door but no answer as I started to leave the read Sex Story
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  6. Boy offered a ride by man with a big bulge

    3/28/2023: As young living along the coast of San diego I would have to do a lot of walking and hitch hiking was still a very common way to get around in 1989 .I had long blond hair and it seemed like people just were friendly and offered things,being a hippy boy in a nudist group a block from a nudist beach was the way it was. One morning I walk towards the 101 to go to the next town in cut off read Sex Story
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  7. Sara

    6/16/2022: I had been working as a cook in a nursing home when I met Steve. I wasn’t a virgin but I hadn’t had many lovers. I suppose I had always been a bit choosy. I was glad to have left college and be earning enough to rent my own flat. I was cooking the resident’s lunch one day when I saw the delivery van pull up. I thought it would be old Reg as usual, but the man I set eyes upon wasn’t Reg it was read Sex Story
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  8. Schoolboy fucks 2 schoolgirls

    4/18/2022: At a school a boy and 2 girls were sitting in the chanaging room when one of the girls rachel said "who wants sex" the others said yes then rachel went over to reabca and lifted reabcas skrit up the boy got up and went behind rachel the boy went and put his hand on rachels chest and slid his hand down her chest and then got to rachels pussy and started rubing it "fuck me" said rachel who took her read Sex Story
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  9. Batgirl fucks supergirl

    4/18/2022: Batgirl and supergirl had found a house and went in it batgirl then laid down on a bed & said to supergirl "want sex" supergirl replyed "yes" then supergirl took her skrit off and batgirl unziped her suit & took her bra off. supergirl then took her & batgirls knickers. Then supergirl got on top of batgirl & fucked her then they started taking pictures of them romoving their clothes. then got read Sex Story
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  10. Suzanne Making of a Slut

    1/25/2022: My name is suzanne b and at the time of this story I was married to Josh, we got divorced a year latter, I was 26 years old, attractive, my hair was still blonde long down to mid back, which I had in a pony tail, I'm 5' 7, 138 lbs, 36c-30-38, After 2 years in college I left, and took a job working at a major manufacturing company in their office. I was in the planning department, which I am the read Sex Story
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