1. Read to Me

    2/28/2020: Pausing after a disorienting fit of sensory anxiety, it took Oleana a long moment to catch her breath. After several harsh gasps, she adjusted the gear on her wrists and face. She took one more deep breath before reactivating the simulation. The visual frenzy of rendering errors and jumping perspective had been terminated by the restart, but it had left her somewhat disoriented. All she read Sex Story
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  2. Cal & Leslie

    2/28/2020: Where do I start? How about at the beginning. My name is Cal I am divorced and living alone. I am not a bad catch I am five foot eleven, short black hair, green eyes and no visible scars. I am a regular at the gym so I am in shape but not ripped. A seven inch uncut cock that I can use well. I dress nicely and have a good job. My friends Don and Lisa were feeling sorry for me they knew how ugly my read Sex Story
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  3. What Happens In The Woods...

    2/28/2020: Ted was my best friend and we went everywhere together and did everything together. I had moved into the area from another state where homes were far apart and friends were left at school. We were both in our early teens and our house had a game room with a pool table and a ping-pong table which Ted wowed over the first time I invited him over. I had just learned to ride a bicycle since the high speed rural roads in my other state made it too dangerous and ted and I explored ceaselessly. That exploration eventually encompassed sexuality and I was one up on him since my dad received Playboy mag read Sex Story
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  4. First time group sex

    2/28/2020: Hi am Chris, African form Kenya. Am 5.7” tall, well build with an athletic body and normal size African cock. This is my first time to share a story at XHAMSTER. I’ve being reading most story that have inspired me to share some of my sexual experience and hope you enjoy. It all started when I joined high school in 2008. Back then I was just a simple teen age boy who loved to watch porn a lot and fucked two girl. I had a girlfriend but she never allowed me to hit it, but my side girl give it to me anytime anywhere all I had to do is ask. So the first weeks in school I made a couple cool friend read Sex Story
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  5. A Little Bit of Culture

    2/28/2020: Having turned 18 and in the last few months of Sixth Form I felt quietly confident about life and my future. University beckoned with the freedom and fun (and sex hopefully) that that entailed. Plus, today there were no classes, a trip had been organised to the theatre to see Henry IV Part One. The A level English students were studying it and although I wasn't doing that course my form teacher read Sex Story
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  6. Boarding School Encounter 09: Henrietta Molested by the Nanites

    2/28/2020: Boarding School Encounter Chapter Nine: Henrietta Molested by the Nanites By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 My heart beat in fear as Peony, one of my new friends, had a metallic tentacle jutting from beneath her gray skirt of her school uniform. It was similar to the purple tentacles undulating from my pussy, except it was made of segmented metal, the end bulbous and smooth. It lunged for me while read Sex Story
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  7. Mrs. Lee

    2/28/2020: This took place when I was just finishing high school. I was eighteen and probably in the best shape of my life: tall, good build, shaved head, and never had any problem getting the ladies. Matter of fact, being the only black men in a hundred mile radius, I never had any problem with the ladies throughout life. This story is a little different because it is about the start of my addiction read Sex Story
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  8. Mrs Wilkinson The Climax !

    2/28/2020: "Ok Natalie start wanking him" Nat did as she was told. She wrapped her right hand around my stiff cock and started jerking me. "No ! you'll make cum too quick" I blurted but Nat continued "Slowly Nat" Hazel said as she climbed onto the bed next to me. She opened her legs. She looked at me as she started rubbing her pussy. "Just getting the juices flowing" she said and watched as Nat continued jerking me. Hazels hand increased the pace of her own masturbation and suddenly a big gush of water spouted from her pussy, Hazel shouting "Fuck me now Steve ! Get that fucking big cock inside my cun read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time Incest / Taboo Author: sparkysbackagain, Source: xHamster
  9. Turned Tables Pt. 01

    2/28/2020: Joe's wife Cheryl had been a total bitch lately. He worked hard, brought home a good paycheck. He loved his wife. His kids were all in college now, so he actually worked a second job, tending bar two nights a week. He worked at a nightclub. He told his wife he was out with the boys, not that he was working two jobs. He absolutely knew from past experience that she would flip out if she thought read Sex Story
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  10. My Reluctant Sister

    2/28/2020: She was lying on her bed with her phone in hand sending a message to someone. She wore a dark blue midriff length tank top and pink lacy panties, nothing else. I stepped to the bed and sat next to her. She lifted her large brown eyes from the screen of her smartphone, quickly pulled the corner of her blanket over her legs then demanded “What are you doing here?” “Let’s have sex.” Her eyes widened read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Oral Sex / Blowjob Non-consensual sex Consensual Sex Incest / Taboo Teen Author: Mystic47, Source: sexstories.com