1. Business & Pleasure Sir?

    Date: 5/5/2019, Categories: Job / Office Sex Author: Kstone69, Source: LushStories

    “This is a passenger announcement for flight MCO541. Due to increased air traffic, this flight will now depart at 6:25 pm – we apologise for any convenience this may cause and invite passengers to speak with available staff at our information desk for further information.” “Shit!” cursed Lucas under his breath. His journey from San Diego had been problematic from the start. “First a broken down cab and now this…What does a guy need to do to get a break round here!?” It was a sentence which Lucas had felt to have made continually throughout his three-week stay in California. Working as a successful architect, Lucas Hackett had expected the Thornton Tower project to be as simple as those previous in his ever-growing portfolio. A succession of issues deriving from incorrect blueprints, electrical failures and generally half-assed workers had all contrived to ensure that this was not to be the case. “Well, if I can’t use the onboard bar, I’ll use the airport one instead!” he thought to himself. Nothing could alter his current situation, but a stiff whisky sour would certainly help to mask his displeasure at being confined to the airport. The AirBar lounge was unexpectedly quiet and as Lucas took his seat he counted just three other fellow travellers, clearly expressing the same resigned look as him. “Good afternoon, could I get you anything?” a female voice suddenly said behind him. Lucas turned round in his chair and was instantly taken aback by the pretty waitress who stood  in front of him, smiling politely. As he looked up to respond, Lucas instantly took note of her perfectly toned figure, beautiful blue eyes and enchanting smile but tried to hide his instant attraction to her. “Oh…mmm…could I…mmm…sorry, could I get a whisky sour please?” asked Lucas in surprisingly broken tones. Confidence was one thing that Lucas did not lack and it was an attribute which had helped to propel him to the forefront of the architecture industry. Yet to his great surprise, he had suddenly felt mildly timid at the innocent question the waitress had asked. “Sure, I can get that for you now and if there’s anything else, my name is Elise so please don’t hesitate to ask,” the waitress said in a distinct Californian accent before smiling warmly at Lucas and returning back in the direction of the bar. “Elise…what a beautiful name,” thought Lucas, suddenly drifting into his own thoughts. As he watched her walking, his eyes were firmly locked on Elise’s perfectly toned and tanned legs and he was impressed at how confidently she held her stride. “Okay, so perhaps this delay won’t be such a bad thing,” Lucas thought to himself. As Elise walked away, she felt her heart beating fast and knew that she needed to take a moment to calm down. She had watched Lucas making his way through the departure lounge. His stylish slim-fitting blue suit and white open-collar shirt hung perfectly on his broad shoulders and she could tell that the body underneath was not one to disappoint. As ...