1. Business & Pleasure Sir?

    Date: 5/5/2019, Categories: Job / Office Sex Author: Kstone69, Source: LushStories

    ... levels. The feeling of euphoria was almost unbearable as he continued to drive his cock deeper into her and as his waist suddenly touched her ass, she felt sure that she was about to cum. Her body shook as the feeling was too much, the heat building in her as she gasped in pleasure. As she came hard, Lucas slowly drove his cock in and out of Elise, his body banging softly against her with each stroke. The feeling of Elise’s pussy tightening was intense and the frequency of Lucas’ strokes increased with every passing moment – his balls banging hard against her, the sound of skin on skin now dangerously loud. Within moments he knew he could hold back no more. In one swift movement, Lucas pulled his hard cock out of Elise and came, gasping in delight, streams of warm cum landing on her pussy and ass. Feeling the juices of his orgasm on her body, Elise reached back, rubbing her hand over her ass and grasping his warm cum before moving it back to her mouth and licking it from her fingers – the taste incredible. She stood up and faced him once more, eyes locked on his and before seductively squatting down and taking his cock deep into her mouth – her tongue darting over the tip, taking the rest of ...
    ... his cum with each stroke of her tongue. As she continued to gently suck and lick the tip of his cock, her hand moved down to her clitoris and she quickly and expertly moved her fingers over it, mixing each stroke to heighten her ecstasy. Elise was still pleasantly surprised that Lucas’ cock was as hard as before and more so that he was once again groaning in pleasure. Hearing his moaning sent her into a spiral once more as her body tensed up and the feeling of heat fell through her body. She came hard again, her fingers soaked as her juices flowed. As she came she felt the feeling of Lucas’ cock hardening in her mouth, and a sudden jet of warmth hit the back of her throat once, twice and then a third time as they both groaned in pleasure. Elise rubbed the tip of her tongue up the shaft of Lucas’ cock, feeling him twitching and his control lost. Her mouth moved away from his cock which dropped into the cool air, glistening with her saliva and his cum. She slowly stood up and looked into his eyes before kissing him gently again. “So your flight…do you think it’ll still be delayed?” she said, a look of hope in her eyes at the prospect. “Oh, I’m sure of that,” said Lucas, smiling. “Indefinitely…”