1. Brother/Sister or Master/Slave

    Date: 5/6/2019, Categories: True Stories BDSM Incest / Taboo Author: ClydeCarbon, Source: sexstories.com

    Chris had talked his little sister into light BDSM; she trusted him to be just rough enough with her without hurting her. He slid a blindfold over her crystal blue eyes. Running his hands over her body he could feel her tense up with anticipation. Slowly removing her clothes Chris took time between each piece of clothing to explore Tasha’s little body with his fingertips. Tasha stood before Chris’ eyes completely naked feeling slightly insecure; she’d had sex with her older brother a few times but she’d never been completely at the control of someone. Running his hands gently across her shoulders and down across her breasts, avoiding the nipples to tease her, and up around her back. Bringing his hands down her back he lightly scratched her skin, leaving small tinges of fire running down Tasha’s body. Leaving in he said in a tone that was both light but firm “Tonight you will call me Master. Do you understand?" Biting her lip you simply nodded. Not good enough; Chris wanted to hear the words. "Say it". His voice was not raised, but more firm with a little bite in the tone. "Yes Master, I understand'". Chris continued running his hands down Tasha’s little body to her legs, letting his hand brush against her tiny mound, feeling the light hairs; Tasha’s stomach tensed up. "Tonight, you belong to me; you are mine to do with as I please. You won’t say no or shy away. Is that understood?” Again, Tasha nodded. I asked if you understood" in a firm voice. Voice cracking with desire  she replied at once “Yes Master; I am yours”. Hearing her reply made Chris happy. Pressing his lips against her neck and lightly kissing, he whispered "Good girl." Kissing her lightly still and feeling the moisture from her lips. "Are you ready?" Pulling away from his lips he could feel Tasha slightly nodding. He didn't move… didn’t repeat the question. Chris simply waited, his lips inches from her mouth. Tasha remembered quickly; "Yes Master, I am ready." He tossed you backwards onto bed. Landing on the bed her head fell back onto the mound of pillows. Before she had time to think, he’d climbed on top of her pinning her shoulders down, his mouth finding hers. For a few seconds there was only the heat of their kisses. Tasha moved her hands around his body, stroking the back of his neck as they kissed. Though he enjoy the sensation for a moment, he grab her hands and capture them, pinning them over her head. Tasha moaned against his mouth, both unable and unwilling to fight. As she moan Chris caught her bottom lip in his teeth, biting it just a little before moving down kissing and licking his way across her cheek, down her neck, to her breasts. As her closed his mouth over her nipple and let his tongue flick it back and forth, her gasps turn into a long, urgent moan. As Chris continued to suck and lick her breasts, moving from one to the other, occasionally lightly biting, his hand traveled down across her mound again and down to her inner thigh. He raked her with his nails, a ...