1. Brother/Sister or Master/Slave

    Date: 5/6/2019, Categories: True Stories BDSM Incest / Taboo Author: ClydeCarbon, Source: sexstories.com

    ... please Master” Chris growled lightly and slid his pinky completely in her virgin butt; she jumped but knew better than to resist. Moving his fingers in and out, Tasha began shaking and whimpering. “You may cum NOW”. That was all she needed; moaning and screaming out, her body finally responded and her entire body clenched. Her pussy and butt constricted and squeezed his fingers almost pushing them out. Her orgasm flowed for what seemed forever but finally subdued. Bringing his mouth back up to her face I kissed you slowly and whispered “Master wants to cum in your slutty little mouth now”. “My mouth Master?” “Yes… but not you on her knees; you’ll be sitting on my face while with me licking your butthole while you take me in your mouth.” After a brief hesitation she stuttered “Y..yes Master”. I released her hands and removed her blindfold. Lying on the bed he commanded “Get over here NOW little one.” Without hesitation Tasha flipped and swung her legs over him; brining her butt directly ...
    ... to his face. Wrapping his hands around her legs he grabbed her butt and pulled down TIGHT onto his face and began licking her little butthole. Chris could tell she weren’t sure how to feel about this new sensation but didn’t dare say anything. “Take me in her mouth Tasha” he said taking a quick break from her body. “Yes Master” she said with a smirk as she wrapped her lips around his throbbing cock and started moving up and down. Her mouth felt amazing and the mere thought of his tongue probing her freshly fingered butthole made him harder than he’d been in longer than he could remember. As she continued sucking and stroking his cock his hips started thrusting upwards and fucking her little mouth. Without word Chris came deep in his her throat, exploding stream after stream of cum. “That was fun; thank you for making me your slut tonight.” she said as she swallowed his seed. “You’re welcome little one” he said softly, happy that his sister had been let HIM keep expanding her kinky side.