1. To Really Know Someone: Chapter 2

    Date: 5/13/2019, Categories: Celebrities Author: Dawn_Summers, Source: xHamster

    To Really Know Someone: Chapter 2She starts to shift in the spot she woke up in, the cold dampness of her surroundings becoming more obvious the more she moves. Suddenly, something rattles and a weight on her arms seems to shift when she lifts them. Looking down at her hands, the feeling of the shackles fastened tightly around her wrists registers in her head.“What the...?”“I'm sorry...”* * *“We're coming up empty Buff.”The three main screens of the Slayer Command Centre show various live feeds from slayers in the field, the main factors in the search.“We've been all over the five-hundred-mile radius that a slayer can travel in the time she had to escape and we're coming up empty.”Buffy stares intently from one screen to another in search of some sign of their target.“She can't have dropped off the face of the Earth. There has to be some trace of her somewhere.”Xander readjusts his weight on the stone floor.“Too many traces actually. That's what's making her difficult to track.”“What do you mean?”“In the last 24 hours, she's hit up every major hiding place in the area that we set up since coming here. Including a few of the former ones we've abandoned and the secret ones we set up for you in case of a slayer apocalypse of some kind. Each time she takes some supply but leaves the rest of them behind. I'd say by now that she has enough to last her about five weeks, maybe more. But Willow and the other witch-folk are having a hard time pinning down where she might be stashing  it all.”“Well, at least we know the confusion spells we set up to hide them from magic detection are working.”“Willow's working on bringing the spells down but they were set up to work independently, so she has to do them one by one. It'll take some time.”“Time we don't have.”“Pretty safe assumption, yeah, what I'm not getting is why she's planning on sticking around for that long. Seems like the best thing for her to do is to get out of Scottish Dodge as quickly as possible, I would.”Buffy pulls herself away from staring at the screens to look at a map of their property, highlighting all the hideouts in the area.“She's not leaving, not while she still has unfinished business here.”“What kind of unfinished business?”“Me...”Xander comes up beside Buffy to survey the map with her.“You? I would've thought she'd be fairly certain the Buffy ship had sailed, what with the stabbing of other slayers and all.”“If attempted murder had stopped most of the people I'd slept with from thinking they'd had a shot with me, I never would've lost my virginity.”“And a celibate Buffy is a cranky Buffy. Okay, so what's the plan forming in that blonde head of yours?” Xander asked as he imagined Buffy naked with all of the women who have attempted to kill her in the past.Buffy steps back from the map for a moment, taking a deep breath.“She wants me so bad. I'll have to give myself to her.”Xander watches his best friend for a moment.“You mean that figuratively right?”“It's the only way Xander. Satsu's ...