1. Couple's First Interracial Experience Pt. 02

    Date: 5/15/2019, Categories: Interracial Author: byA_me01, Source: Literotica

    As the title suggests, this is part 2 of a story so if you haven't done so already I'd recommend you read part 1 first. Feedback is welcomed, especially constructive criticism or any ideas/suggestions for future adventures for Amy. ***** Jamal grabbed his phone and ordered an Uber as he walked out of the pub with Amy wrapped around his arm. His hand quickly moving down to her ass and grabbing and squeezing it as they walked out, knowing full well that anyone could see it and not caring. As they got outside the Uber was a few minutes away so he just leant back against the small wooden fence by the front of the building and got Amy to stand in front of him: "Come here my slut" he said and motioned for her to come to him. Amy quickly did as he said and stood in front of him, standing up between his legs as they started kissing passionately, his hand on her ass grabbing it and squeezing for anyone to see. Some people walked in and out of the pub as they were waiting for their Uber and couldn't help but to look and stare at Jamal making out and feeling up Amy right there by the entrance. Eventually their Uber arrived and as the driver pulled up Jamal broke up the kiss and opened the door: "Go on slut, I haven't got all night" with that Amy quickly got in the back seat before Jamal did the same. Jamal had a look at the driver and it was a young black guy in his early twenties, maybe even 19 - younger than Amy and definitely younger than him. Jamal smiled and greeted him before he  placed his hand behind Amy's head and pulled her towards him and started to passionately kiss her again knowing full well the driver was watching through the rear view mirror. The driver smiled and set off, driving slower than usual to make sure this ride lasted for as long as possible. He adjusted his rear view mirror so that it was pointing directly at Jamal and Amy instead of the road behind him. Jamal noticed this and decided to put on more of a show. "You look like a proper slut now with my cum all over your hair and your shirt" Jamal said in his authoritative voice and making sure the driver could hear it as well. "I think you'll make a good black cock slut, won't you?" He asked with a devilish smile. "Yes Jamal, I'll be a good black cock slut for you!" Amy quickly responded without hesitation. "You drove past my junction" Jamal told the driver who was so busy listening to the conversation and looking at the rear view mirror that he completely forgot to look at the sat nav. "I'm sorry man, but that's one hot woman you have there" the driver responded with a devilish smile of his own. "I know, met her and her boyfriend less than 2 hours ago and I've already fucked her tight white pussy" Jamal quickly adds. "Wow, less than 2 hours?" The driver says as he stops at a traffic light and turns round to have a good look at Amy and looks her up and down. "You really are a good slut!" He says with a smile before turning round to Jamal "lucky you man, lucky you!" Jamal looks at Amy ...