1. My Wife and our New Neighbor Part Twenty

    Date: 5/15/2019, Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: stevek1977, Source: LushStories

    I met Christy and Greg for breakfast the following day and again, the conversation was about her adventure the previous day. Christy was drinking her special yellow drink at breakfast and she looked amazing in her jean shorts and a white vest top. I stayed with them for the morning and it was just after eleven o’clock when Greg received a call from an old friend of his from New York. “Peter wants me to go and meet with his design team; they want to hire us!” Greg shouted, “This contract could be with a few hundred thousand dollars!” “Awesome,” Christy screamed, “When do you have to meet him?” “He wants to meet on Tuesday, in New York! I will have to fly out tomorrow if I can book the flight.” Greg looked online and went to book the flight. “Do you want to come, babe?” Greg asked Christy. “No, I will stay here, I will stay with Steve,” Christy replied. “You can go, babe, “I smiled, “I don’t mind.” “Are you sure? You really don’t mind?” “Of course not, you should go.” “Okay then, I will go.” Greg booked their flight and scheduled them for eleven thirty the following day. Just then, Christy got a text from Orion. He was checking with her that she was okay and she replied that she was perfect. Christy texted me later that evening to tell me that they had booked their hotel room. “We have our room booked Steve; it is under the name of Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy!” “Perfect babe,” I texted back. “Our first trip as Mr. and Mrs.” I was going to drive them to the airport the following day  before I went to the office and I dropped them off with plenty of time to spare before their flight. Christy kissed me deeply as I bid them a safe trip. The conversation at the office with the guys was full of the weekend show and how much they enjoyed it; they were extremely happy when I told them that she would be doing it again at the end of the month. Christy called me a dozen times throughout that day and thanked me endlessly for allowing her to go with Greg. The following day, she called me after the meeting with Peter’s company and she told me that Greg introduced her as his wife; she was excited and teased me endlessly about that. It was about four thirty when she called me again and told me that we had secured the contract and that they would be home the following day. She was also excited that Orion had called her again; he wanted to meet her on Thursday to discuss possible things to put into her next suspension adventure. That evening, I went to dinner with Greg and my wife and I heard all about their trip and how successful it was; and she teased me again about being introduced as Greg’s wife. I had an erection the whole evening. Christy was excited about her meeting with Orion the following afternoon and promised me that she would come over to me later in the evening and tell me how it went. Thursday was full of sexual energy at the office and around one o’clock she left for her appointment; she kissed us all before she went to meet Orion. I was home when she ...