1. My Wife and our New Neighbor Part Twenty

    Date: 5/15/2019, Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: stevek1977, Source: LushStories

    ... arrived back at Greg’s around six o’clock and by six thirty she was walking to our house, carrying a bottle of her yellow drink! She gave me a long, passionate kiss as she came in; she was excited and she looked gorgeous in her flower printed cotton dress; it was clear that she didn’t have a bra on under it. “Sorry Steve, I did intend to come straight here but I had to go and get changed first,” Christy smiled. I looked confused, “You had to get changed? “Yes, I had to change my dress and put a thong on!” We sat on the couch and she explained. She told me that when she arrived at Orion’s, he met her at the door and offered her some refreshments as he kissed her. After they had a cup of coffee, he walked her to the stage room where she was suspended the weekend before and as they entered the room, he turned the lights on. “Orion asked me if I remember this room,” Christy told me. She told me that she got tingles when she saw the stage and she answered, “Yes I do; I love this room.” She told me that Orion was a few feet in front of her as they walked to the seats and he turned his head to look at her and he stopped in his tracks. “He said, have you forgotten something Christy, please remove your clothes,” Christy told me. She explained that she looked confused and asked him, “Now, take my clothes off, everything?” He confirmed that she should remove all of her clothes. Christy smiled as she told me, “He said, don’t you remember the other day when I told you that you will be nude every time that you are in this room.” “What did you say, babe?” I asked. “I told him that I didn’t remember that and he said, I told you that you will be nude every time that you come in here and that I am in total control of you when you enter this room.” “What did you do babe?” I asked. “I apologized and took my dress off and handed it to him, Steve,” she smiled, “Then I asked, everything, you want everything off? And he said, yes, totally nude please.” She told me that she unclipped her bra and handed it to him before easing her white sexy thong down and off, he held her thong to his face when she passed it to him and he smiled. “You were naked?” I asked. “Yes, Steve, completely naked and he said that he loves the clothes that I wear,” Christy smiled, “Then he said, I think that I will keep these.” “Keep your clothes?” I asked. “Yes Steve, he was holding my clothes and said that he wanted to keep them!” “Wow.” “I asked, so I will have to drive home in the nude? And he smiled and said, would that be okay?” Christy smiled, “I said that it would have to be if you are keeping my clothes and he smiled.” She told me that they walked to the chairs and as she went to sit down, Orion took her breasts in his hand and told her that she has beautiful breasts, and then he kissed her nipples. I was ready to cum as she explained more. She told me that she sat down and they discussed her pain threshold; she explained to Orion that she thrives on pain and she loves to be dominated; he ...