1. My Wife and our New Neighbor Part Twenty

    Date: 5/15/2019, Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: stevek1977, Source: LushStories

    ... suggested that they find out how much pain she could withstand and she agreed to try out some experiments. She told me that Orion stood up and walked behind her, he grabbed her breasts and squeezed them very hard before taking her nipples and squeezing them even harder. “Was that painful?” I asked. “Yes Steve, he squeezed and twisted my nipples hard; but I loved it.” She told me that Orion asked her how much she likes to be dominated and she told him that she wants and needs to be dominated, she told him about Jason and how he used to dominate her and that was how she was introduced to spanking. Orion asked her if she wanted him to dominate her while she was there and she was eager for that to happen. “He told me that he will dominate me and I have to do what he says Steve, I climaxed and agreed; I was so excited!” Christy smiled. I asked her to continue with her recollection. “He told me that he will hurt me, Steve,” Christy smiled, “I told him that I can’t wait and he gave me a safe word to use for when I wanted him to stop.” She told me that he told her to stand up and he walked her to the stage area; he pulled the large table that he used the other day to the center of the stage and told her to lay on her back on the table. She told me that he then tied her hands above her head and fastened them to a ring to prevent her arms from moving. He tied a rope around her tummy and another just above her breasts. Her body was now firmly tied to the table. He stretched her legs wide open and tied them to the legs of the table and she was now fully exposed again. His final rope went around her neck and although this one wasn’t tight, it did prevent her from raising her head up. She explained that he took out her clit ring and placed it on the chair and when he returned; he took hold of her pubic hair and pulled it. “He pulled it so hard Steve,” Christy said, “He pulled it upwards, so much that my ass would have raised off the table if I hadn’t been tied down.” “Wow, did it hurt?” “Yes, it hurt a lot and he asked me if I was okay; I said yes!” “What happened next?” “He got a whip thing that people use on horses and he showed it to me,” Christy smiled, “It had two little leather pieces on the end and he said that he was going to give my open pussy, twenty strikes with it.” “Wow, what did you do?” “I climaxed again!” She went on, “I told him to do it! He said, I am going to do it, you are mine to do whatever I want.” She told me that Orion went to her pussy and kissed it before telling her that the strikes are going to be hard. “Oh my God Steve,” Christy shouted, “It was fucking incredible! He hit my pussy with the cane thing and he hit it hard!” “Did it hurt?” “Fuck, yes, but it was amazing! He whipped my pussy twenty times and every one of the strikes was hard!” “Did you scream?” “I didn’t scream loud but I did scream a little and he kept reminding me of the safe word and I shouted that I was okay and for him to continue.” She told me that after the ...