1. My Wife and our New Neighbor Part Twenty

    Date: 5/15/2019, Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: stevek1977, Source: LushStories

    twenty strikes on her pussy, he asked her if she was okay and if she had cum. “I told him that I was perfect and that I had climaxed a dozen times. He asked if we should continue and I shouted, yes!” She told me that Orion then kissed her before going back to her pussy and kissing that as well. Then, he ran his hand back and forth across her pussy and she climaxed again. “He told me that he would be using the whip thing on my ass and breasts, Steve,” Christy smiled, “But not today as they would be severely marked, he would do that when I am living with you as they wouldn’t be seen.” She told me that Orion then pulled her face to the right and this tightened the rope around her neck slightly. He opened his robe and his erect cock was now on display. He told her to open her mouth and he pushed his cock into her mouth. He told her to keep his cock in her mouth while he spanked her breasts. “God Steve, it was incredible,” Christy smiled, “He spanked my breasts hard and I was forbidden to bite down on his cock, it was fucking amazing! She told me that Orion then took his cock from her mouth and eased it into her open and wet pussy. She said that he just left his cock in her pussy for about thirty seconds before pulling it out and going back to her mouth where he ordered her to lick her own cum from it. She explained that Orion then told her that the next task would test her pain tolerance even more. He asked if she were ready and she shouted that she was! “Steve, he showed me a  box of little thin needles, like acupuncture needles and I climaxed again!” She told me that he opened the sealed, sterile bag and took out a needle. He moved to her breast and started pushing the needle through her left nipple. “Holy fuck!” I shouted, “Did it hurt?” “It hurt a lot! He pushed the needle right through my left nipple and I screamed, it went sideways through my nipple and Orion asked me if I was okay and should he continue.” “Were you okay?” I asked. “Yes, I was fine, I was loving it and I told Orion to continue! I begged him to continue!” She told me that Orion took another needle and pushed it through the top to the bottom of her left nipple and she screamed again. This time Orion didn’t ask her if she were okay, he just continued. He took another needle and pushed it through the side of her right nipple and again she screamed before he pushed the fourth needle through the top to bottom of her right nipple. She told me that Orion kept flicking the needles that were in her nipples and that caused her more pain and she had several multiple climaxes. He asked her if she were okay and she screamed that she was in heaven! “He kissed me and whispered that he will continue,” Christy smiled, “I begged him to continue!” She told me that Orion then took another needle from the sterile wrapper and he moved to her pussy. He took her pussy lips and held them together as he pushed the needle right through her lips! She screamed as he pushed the first needle through her lips ...