1. My Wife and our New Neighbor Part Twenty

    Date: 5/15/2019, Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: stevek1977, Source: LushStories

    ... drive home in the nude as she needed to get gas on the way home; he laughed. She told me that he told her to stand up and he pulled the thorns from her cheeks before he got her dress and agreed that she could wear that to drive home, not her bra or thong; he would be keeping those. “Steve, he took a pair of scissors and cut two holes about an inch and a half in the front of my dress so that my nipples would poke through and he cut a slit at the back of my dress so that a lot of my legs would also be on show.” “Wow.” “He told me to put the dress on and he cut the back even higher; the slit almost came to my cheeks,” Christy smiled, “He told me that I can drive home like that!” “Wow, with your nipples showing?” I replied. “Yes Steve, and I have to take him the gas receipt when I see him in two days time, to prove that I stopped to get gas!” “Did you get gas on the way home?” “Yes, I chose a gas station that had no customers, but by the time that I had finished, three other cars were there and I got a lot of looks!” “The three other customers, were they guys?” “Yes Steve and one were at the next pump to mine, he saw my nipples and he spoke to me,” Christy smiled, “He chatted about what a beautiful day it was.” “Oh, so he saw your nipples.” “Yes, Steve and probably my cheeks, the split in my dress was very revealing!” “Did the roses cause your cheeks to bleed?” I asked. “No, neither did the needles in my nipples or pussy; all they brought me was beautiful pain.” “And you have to go back to him in two days?” “Yes Steve, I have to go to him every two days, I can’t wait!” “What does Greg think about it?” I asked. “Greg likes the idea; he told me that he wants Orion to mark me when he whips me!” I shot my load into her hand and she offered it to me and I licked it all before we snuggled for a further thirty minutes. She got off the bed and kissed me and told me that she needs to get back to Greg. “You mean, you have to get back to your husband!” I shouted, “Your husband!” “Oh, sorry, yes I mean that I have to get back to my husband! Sorry, Steve, I keep forgetting.” She left me and I showered and stayed in the nude for the rest of the evening; I worked myself off again when I went to bed and licked my own hand clean. Greg was already at the office when I got there the following day and I asked where Christy was? “She has gone into town to buy more lingerie,” Greg smiled, “If she has to go to Orion’s every other day, she will need a lot of lingerie!” We all laughed, “And dresses!” I shouted. Christy arrived at the office about eleven thirty and she kissed everyone before showing Greg her new lingerie. She had bought a dozen, bra, and thong sets and four more sexy dresses. I joined Greg and Christy for dinner that evening and Greg called Orion to tell him that he can mark Christy when she goes to him tomorrow: that gave me yet another erection. That night, I worked myself off twice to the thoughts of my wife being tied and whipped and I wished that I could ...