1. My Wife and our New Neighbor Part Twenty

    Date: 5/15/2019, Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: stevek1977, Source: LushStories

    ... to go back to seeing me naked and sex?” “Yes babe, I do, I need it.” “Are you sure?” “Yes, I am.” “We won’t have intercourse! You know that, right?” “I know, we will never have that, but can we go back to how it was when you were with Jason?” Christy kissed me. “I still belong to Greg, I am still his wife! And no intercourse!” “Absolutely babe.” She got off the bed and turned her back to me; I watched as she remover her skirt and I saw her thong-clad ass! I saw five red lines across her cheeks and I gasped. “Fuck, he did whip you hard.” She pulled her tee shirt off and finally slid her thong down and off before turning to face me and I got my first look at her naked body for over eight months. She looked amazing; her nicely trimmed pubic hairs highlighted her beautiful clit and my dick was hard in a flash. She slid into the bed with me and we kissed as I caressed her naked tits. “No oral sex and no intercourse,” Christy whispered, “Only touching, okay!” “Okay babe, can I finger you?” “No Steve, only my husband can do that, you can only touch; your finger, tongue or cock, never enters me!” “Okay babe, can you suck me?” “No, no oral sex at all between us, only touching.” “I understand babe, thank you.” “And, I am still Greg’s!” “Yes, you must belong to Greg!” I replied. “And, you won’t be seeing me with my legs open or intimately.” “I understand babe, just naked.” “Yes, just like this and don’t expect it every day!’ We stayed like that for almost an hour as I caressed every inch of her naked body before she got dressed and kissed me and went back to Greg, who she would still be living with for a further two weeks.