1. Trust Ch. 28

    Date: 5/15/2019, Categories: Interracial Author: byhoneyrider1517, Source: Literotica

    Three days later... Salina dropped her bags at the door as soon as she entered. It was a grueling day at the hospital and even her bones hurt. Also, she felt nauseated all day long. She had invited Mitch to dinner but he was so exhausted also that he declined. "Hi Mario," she greeted trying to infuse some life in her tone. "Salina?" Mario noticed how wan she looked. "Come, sit. You don't look very good." She did as he said and slumped back into the couch. "I'm calling Storm," he said reaching for his phone. "No! Don't!" she cried, sitting up abruptly but moaned when her nauseated stomach protested her sudden movement. "Why?" he asked as his finger hovered over Storm's name on the screen. "He's preparing for a major client and he'll be traveling in a few days. I'm exhausted. I just need rest. Today was a very hard day and I didn't get a chance to eat, that's all." Accepting what she said, he pocketed his phone. "Okay, what do would you like?" "Nothing. I'm too exhausted. I just want a hot shower, a nap, then food, in that order." "Okay, I'll have tea ready when you get out of the shower." She smiled. "Thank you Mario. You're a lifesaver."~!~!~!~! When Storm came home, Mario informed him of Salina's situation. "She had some of the tea and was asleep less than five minutes later. She said is was a very hard day at work." "Why didn't you call me?" Storm asked a bit irritated. "She said I shouldn't because you were preparing for an important client and would be traveling in a  few days. She didn't want you disturbed. I took what she said and didn't call especially after she had the tea." Storm sighed. "Thanks Mario. I'll check on her." She was sound asleep and curled on her side. Worriedly, he brushed her hair from her face. He didn't like the hours she was putting in because she was still ill. Even if she wasn't ill, he still wouldn't like her working that many hours each week. Norma had informed him that both she and Salina had to travel for business in the next few days also. Sighing, he made a call as he left the room. Mitch answered the call after the fifth ring. "Yes," Mitch said groggily. "You sound like shit," remarked Storm. "Yes," was Mitch's only reply. "What the hell happened today?" Mitch's brain slowly processed the question and an answer, "Nightmare." "It was that bad." "Sleep. Bye." Mitch disconnected the call. Storm smiled and looked back at Salina. "Good morning!" Salina greeted Storm brightly as she wrapped her arms around him from behind. Storm was standing at the counter preparing breakfast for them both when he turned and smiled happily at her. She seemed so bright and cheery instead of exhausted. "Good morning to you too. You look much better." He kissed her. "I looked that bad? Mitch and I had our asses handed to us." "I heard. What happened?" "They dumped us in emergency to sink or swim." "I take it you both swam." "I think. We'll be evaluated today. Either way, I'm happy they did it." "Really? Why?" "Don't break that egg!" ...