1. Apartment Seven Has A Golden Dinner Invitation

    Date: 5/15/2019, Categories: Humor Author: L8LastNight, Source: LushStories

    Hey, Big Bad Boris. Come over to #8 as soon as you’re home. Hope you’re hungry for something special!! ~ C. Thud. Thud. Thud. “Coming!” Carie chimed as she skipped excitedly over to her front door after hearing the familiar clubbing upon her door. She flipped back her long black hair, clasped her hands together, leaned aside and chirped, “Who is it?” “Is ‘Big Bad Boris’,” Vasily replied from the other side, slowly slurring his thick, baritone Euro-drawl, “I have big, bad appetite.” Carie frowned and pouted her lips askew. She wasn’t expecting such a playful salutation from her usually stoically gruff neighbour from across the hall, even if his voice still sounded like the snore of a sedated grizzly. How unusual. Oh well, she’d take it. With a deep breath, she opened the door and waved him in with a zealous flourish. “Welcome to Carie’s Bistro! Please come in and have a -- mmph!” Her grand introduction was interrupted by Vasily’s moist lips engulfing her own with a forceful smooch. His mouth led his charge forward, rushing her so fast she was nearly knocked backward to her apartment floor before his large frying pan-sized hands caught her around her waist and back. “Va-mmph! Wai.. wai.. Uhng!” Carie struggled to speak, caught off guard and off balance. With her mouth full of his tongue, the rest of her protests were garbled. She wriggled in his arms but it was no use. He easily picked her up and carried her directly to the living room where he unceremoniously dumped her onto  the sofa. Before she even had a chance to settle as she flopped around on the cushions like a fish, an avalanche of hyper-sexed masculinity fell upon her, smushing her much more dainty frame deeper into the sofa seat. “Huh-nff!” Carie huffed, the wind driven out of her as his chest pushed down. His mouth plowed into hers again. Her speech was mangled as she attempted to untangle the knotting of their tongues and lips. “Vasil-ich! Wait a mm-mmph! Hold o-ungh!” Her sofa was pretty solid but the soft leather squeaked and farted against their fervent grappling. Whereas Carie pushed on his shoulders and tugged at his shirt in a vain attempt to restrain him, Vasily was making much better headway in his efforts to get her out of her clothes. Within seconds, he had somehow unbuttoned her oversized denim blouse, hiked up her bra over her breasts, and unsnapped the button of her shorts despite Carie scrabbling around beneath him. Good grief, the man was built like an ox but his hands were as dextrous and nimble as a rascally, randy chimpanzee. “Va-...uhn! Vasily!” Carie gasped the moment he moved away from her mouth to paste his lips and slather his slick tongue along her perky breasts and nipples. Another sharp gasp escaped her as his rough hand slipped under her shorts and panties, his stiff digits sliding along the lips of her clean pussy. She swallowed hard and closed her eyes to focus for a second, pushing from her mind the tingling sensations Vasily was eliciting from her with his ...