1. Apartment Seven Has A Golden Dinner Invitation

    Date: 5/15/2019, Categories: Humor Author: L8LastNight, Source: LushStories

    ... Once again he looked up from between her bare thighs with a crooked frown, his nose poking over her crotch. Carie felt the flush in her face and upon her neck. She gasped and licked her dry lips. Her temple pulsed as she shook her head slowly looking down at him. Fighting the swell of blood and delicious twitch along and within her damp pussy lips, she paused, blank-faced. Why exactly did she make him stop, again? Vasily spoke up first, still slowly stroking a stiff finger in and out of her. “You said eat.” That she did, didn’t she? A stupid grin stretched onto Carie’s mouth as she blinked. Once the possibility presented itself, Vasily’s mind was set on a one-way track to Fucksville. Ironic, her thinking that... With another blink and a clarity, only wanton horniness could stoke, Carie nodded curtly and simply gasped, “Good boy. Clean your plate… ” She pulled him down, stuffing his face into her crotch. As he nuzzled his tongue into her slit, she reached back over the armrest again and, with a devilish giggle, hung on for the ride. A few frantic minutes later, after much writhing, moaning and swearing in ecstatic delight, Carie exploded with a sumptuous orgasm, knocking Vasily’s head back with a violent thrust of her hips. A lesser man with a thinner neck would have suffered whiplash from the force. Vasily’s lips never retreated though, and he took her wet onslaught full on with greedy sucks and licks, pumping the index finger of one hand into her pulsing slit and digging the fingers of his other hand into her blushing, plush bottom and securing her quaking body. “Oh, fuck. Uhh, god. Oh, shit,” Carie gasped and sighed as the rush subsided, pushing her hand over her forehead and sweeping back her long, dark hair. Damn Vasily was good. As she slowly recovered her breath, she watched him rise like the sun from between her legs, unbuttoning his plaid shirt. He loomed over her with his granite-hard chest and stomach revealing themselves. His brow spiked tellingly. “Now for my ‘something special’,” he declared as he reached down to unzip the fly of his jeans. “‘Something special’?” Carie said. Her thoughts finally emerged from the haze of ecstasy. “Oh, yeah! That’s right!” As Vasily knelt up on the sofa, she took advantage of the opportunity to scramble away. With the deftness of a ninja, she rolled over, tumbled to the floor, and rolled again to her feet picking up her shorts and panties along the way. Vasily regressed to being the lumbering bear to her quick-footed hare. He barely turned his head by the time she was hopping around on one foot pulling on her undergarments. He had “what the actual fuck?” written all over every angle of his sharp, red face. “I cooked dinner for you!” she declared, beaming a proud smile as she buttoned her blouse. She stumbled a bit, her legs obviously wobbly from the orgasmic workout. “What?” Vasily droned, his brows plummeting so far between his eyes they nearly touched the bridge of his nose. “Dinner! Eat! You!” she ...