1. Bollywood Dreams

    Date: 5/15/2019, Categories: Celebrities Author: byStopokochac, Source: Literotica

    ... shorter, but her crinkly, sand covered soles were quite cute. It was at that moment that I decided I would do the same thing with her feet, that I had done with Shilpa's. I released Deepika's hair from my grasp and inched my hands towards the star's feet. I had a bit of trouble as Deepika's toes were shorter, and weren't producing as much sweat as Shilpa's. I knew I would need a bit of lubrication, so I rubbed the webbings of my fingers on my cock to get them nice and wet. The combination of all the three of our juices was just what I needed to reduce the friction, and I was able to slide my fingers in between her toes with ease. I wrapped my hand around Deepika's feet as I had done with Shilpa earlier, and continued to fuck the star's mouth. My toes curled harder and I clenched the actress's feet harder as I gradually began to increase speed. I could feel my dickhead begin to hit the roof of the star's mouth and felt a familiar sensation. This time, I wasn't going to hold back. "I'm gonna cum, Deepika! I'm gonna cum!" I cried out in a high pitched grunt. Wanting to catch a piece of my orgasm, Shilpa quickly rushed over, got on her knees, put her mouth next to my dick and stuck ...
    ... her tongue out. I knew exactly what she wanted. I released my cock from Deepika's mouth and allowed the stars' tongues to fight it out. Deepika managed to get in a full 360, and both stars proceeded to pleasure my tip with their tongues. Deepika's heightened adrenaline and state of arousal suddenly caused her to become more flexible, as her muscles tensed up and she tightened the grip around her ankles. "Oh fuck! I'm cummimg ladies, I'm cumming!" I cried out. "It's gonna be a big one! Ready? Oh UGH!" I let out my loudest grunt ever as my retracted foreskin tightened harder than ever before, and my throbbing head let out an eruption comparable to that of Mt. Vesuvius. My cock was twitching like never before. Holy shit, I had never cum so hard in my life. The star's faces, necks and hair became drenched with my liquidy cum, which was slowly tricking its way down Shilpa's face, and onto her breasts and pubes. They no longer needed to fight over me. There was plenty to go around. I looked down to see both stars making out and French kissing on my twitching cock as they rushed to catch every last once of cum, my juices still trickling down their faces. I was the luckiest man on earth!