1. Little Secrets Of Happiness-1

    Date: 5/15/2019, Categories: Hardcore, Incest / Taboo Mature / Older Author: bnglrcoupl4sex, Source: xHamster

    I have often wondered, whether Pornography is bad or not? In spite of the taboo I often find reading the stories here. I have liked many stories here; sometimes I have not liked them and have thought, why people have written such weird stories? Why they have not written in this way or that way? I then thought why not I write a story, about my own secrets! You may consider the story true or just only a fantasy is up to you.Oh my god! I have not introduced myself. I am 25 years now and I am going tell about what happened some 1 year back. It happened! I have never asked why it happened. But it happened. I do not say I was not shocked, but it was exciting and I chose making my life exciting rather than a dull one.It happened in a stormy night. My husband was off to US for more than a month and I was living with my in-laws. My mother in-law had gone to her daughter’s place to take care of her, as she had had a baby just few days back. Father –in-law had to stay back, as he was still managing our business. I too helped there of course. But FIL did not like it; he said I should be at home, not there. So I had nothing to do in the large house we had. There were servants for cooking and other works too. May that was the reason I got time to visit websites like this.Yes, I was talking about that stormy night, which changed my life forever.It was raining and wind was blowing at high speed. FIL came back at about 5 pm and I served him a cup of tea, which I always do myself. We always  talk about various things at that time and I really enjoy his vast knowledge and experience and particularly his sense of humor. Suddenly he said, “Sonali, do you know you are so beautiful that” He never talked to me that way, but that day I found him different. He was looking at me rather differently and as you know a woman always knows it. But I was really enjoying that and his attention and everything. So I teased him “so beautiful that, what babuji”.FIL was an experienced man too and he sensed my mood and touched my hand and said “so beautiful that I am dying to touch.” His sudden physical contact came like an electric shock to me and leaned back little. But he clasped my hand and said “do not go away, I just want to say how beautiful you are” I did not knew how to react, but just said “Babuji, leave me let me go” But I really did not try to escape and he was encouraged. He said “do you enjoy my touch” to which I could not answer yes or no, but became almost red in shy. He began to become bolder and caressed my hand and arm up to shoulder which I really started liking. He came closer, lifted my face and kissed my lips. I kissed back and he kissed back more passionately with thrusting his tongue inside me. I allowed him and he found my tongue to which he touched and licked. My sari had fallen from my shoulder and he was staring at my cleavage.“You have very beautiful treasures there, Sonali”“Leave me babuji now”“No Sonali I can’t”“Please, babuji, not now, Rahgu or Hira (our ...