1. Little Secrets Of Happiness-1

    Date: 5/15/2019, Categories: Hardcore, Incest / Taboo Mature / Older Author: bnglrcoupl4sex, Source: xHamster

    ... Servants) can be this side anytime”Now FIL could understand I am willing, but there was real risk of being found out which of course no one would like. So he released me. I took the half emptied tea cup and gave a smile to him to show I was interested.“Come to my room after dinner” I whispered to him as I ran back to kitchen. Thank God Hira had not returned from the nearby grocery shop yet. Of course Raghu does not come inside house unless we call him in. he sleeps in the garage.I was thinking, how to avoid suspicion from Hira, because she sleeps late after we take our dinner, washing and cleaning utensils. I got an idea and it worked. After dinner I helped her cleaning the kitchen and intentionally spilled water in the kitchen. “Oh I am so sorry Hira, but I don’t want you to sleep wet in this rainy night, you can sleep in the guest room, to which she happily agreed. I was burning in passion. My husband was gone since a month and I was feeling extremely lonely and did not want to lose this opportunity. As soon as I heard Hira bolting her door from inside, I returned to my bedroom and gave a miss call to FIL.Soon there was a soft knock on the door and I felt my heart knocking under my blouse too. “Come inside I have not locked it” I whispered as I slowly opened the door. He locked the room from inside and hugged me tightly, saying “Now koi bahana nehi chalega”“Babuji, mein kahan bahana banarahi hu”“Mein tumko Sonali pukarraha hun, tum bhi mujhe Suresh karke bulao na babuji maja nehi ata”“Nehi mein to tumhe fool bulaungi, not FIL, ha ha ha” I said laughing and touched his cheeks playfully.“For making you full right mere Rani” as he cupped my breast over the blouse. We hardly talked thereafter as he kissed me madly. His hands were playing with my breasts and unbuttoning the blouse. I was caressing him too on his back. His hands fumbled to unhook my bra and I enjoyed see him intoxicated with my lovely breasts (as he describes them). Soon we were both naked and kissing each other and caressing each other and enjoying ourselves. He said later to me that he never imagined that he could ever make love to me, though he had the desire for long.He was pinching me, cuddling me and I was becoming ready for him. His manliness was rubbing my thighs already and I had felt it with my hand appreciating the length and hardness. He made me lie in the bed and mounted on me to insert his penis in my vagina. We had wild sex that night in which I reached climax twice before he ejaculated (of course inside condom). We made love once again in the early morning after which he left my room and I slept for another hour.