1. Fucking by Boyfriend-2

    Date: 5/16/2019, Categories: Group Sex Interracial Humor Author: Pavitraforall, Source: xHamster

    Let me remind you. the protangonist and author of ‘Fucking by Boyfriend’ I told you how my boyfriend Rohit fucked me hard with his 10 inch long thick cock. I received a lot of emails for the story. Some really liked it while some asked if it is true. Guys, the story is cent percent genuine. Some asked whether Rohit really had 10 inches. I cant make anyone believe but thats also cent percent true. Oh Come On Guys, 10 inches is no big thing for gymnasts and bodybuilders. I am very happy at having received so much love from you all.I also chatted with a few of them and I love to see their cocks. Everyone just wanted to fuck me there but thats not possible friends. I love to have sex chat with them but cant go beyond a limit. About me, let me remind you that my colour is fair, eyes big and sexy figure. Now, people (Now I will use the word Lund to denote people) also asked to tell them of my figure. I am now disclosing it. My figure is 34-24-34. Let me tell you a few things people asked me- pink nipples, excellent boobs etc.Anybody will love to suck my boobs. Guys please don’t ask me for my pic and figure and size of boobs etc. Being a girl, I cant disclose all this. Please understand. Please dont be lustful. I try to reply to all the emails I receive. I am glad at having received immense love from all of you. Good news for you guys. Now I am also on hangouts with the same id. I guess I am boring you.Let me come to the story now. After my virgin seal broken, I was a sex diva. I  and Rohit constantly enjoyed almost everywhere we met. We tried numerous positions and only a girl can understand the mixed feeling of pleasure and pain. Only a girl can understand the feeling when her boobs are pressed and sucked. It is always so much pleasurable that it cant be described in words. I and Rohit went to gym daily.By now, I had gained a good figure and also reduced some weight. Rohit just used to workout to maintain his 8 packs and biceps and triceps. We also had a common friend Lucky in the gym who was also a trainer at the gym. He is that second person I had sex with. He was also a well built guy with masculine body and colour fair and height 6 inches. He used to look at me lustfully and I noticed that.I told Rohit about the same but he didnt paid much attention because Lucky was his friend. Everyone at the gym knew that I and Rohit are a couple. Once I and Rohit went for the late night show of a movie. I hope you understand why? Rohit was in denims and shirt while I was wearing a shirt with a short denim. In between the movie, he started rubbing my thighs and I was aroused. I smiled a little and he continued his work. He took my hand and placed it on his cock which I pressed a little.He started to unbutton my shirt and half unbuttoned it. My black bra was now visible. He started rubbing my breasts over my bra and even pressed my nipples. It was dark and I suppose no one noticed. I pressed his lund. He then took my boob out of bra and started sucking it. I was ...