1. Fucking by Boyfriend-2

    Date: 5/16/2019, Categories: Group Sex Interracial Humor Author: Pavitraforall, Source: xHamster

    ... He then started to fuck me. His hands were squeezing my breasts and his mouth was on my lips and boobs. The room was full of noises and I also kissed his nipples and armpits.He fucked me and cummed in my pussy. He wanted to fuck again but I asked hin to let it go for some other time. He agreed. I started to wear my clothes but he took my bra and panty and I had to wear just sports bra and shorts. I also took his undies and we both deep kissed and left for the gym. He reminded me of the double fucking thinking of which I was shell scared.He told me come to Rohit’s room tomorrow otherwise he would leak my video. I agreed but I was very scared. I never thought in my wildest dreams ever that Rohit will deceive me like this. But also there was a feeling of pleasure in getting double fucked. All the night went in thinking. I called Rohit but he didnt receive any calls. I told my friends about the same but few told me that I was trapped but few asked me to enjoy to the fullest. I was scared as well as excited. I was not scared because I was going to be double fucked or that two men were going to rip my ass and pussy. I was just thinking that the pain that I will be going to encounter.Whenever I thought about the same I would remember how much it had pained when Rohit had fucked my pussy. I was scared. The full night went in thinking this. I was not at all thinking that two men will be fucking me. I will be a prostitute or whore at all. I was fucked by both these men. So why not the two of them at the same time. The next day rose. I washed myself thoroughly cleaned my pussy and all. Wait Wait Wait. Reply and Comment for sure. Guys I would like to tell everybody that I love to sex chat. Any of you can have sex chat with me. I love to know about different people’s sex experiences. Till then keep fucking boys and keep getting fucked girls. Boys, send me your big cock pics. I love to see them. Comment please.