1. Two Boys Have Fun with some Girls

    Date: 5/17/2019, Categories: Fiction Oral Sex / Blowjob Boy, Teen Non-consensual sex Consensual Sex Cum Swallowing Group Sex Mature / Older Straight Sex Masturbation / Toys Written by women Author: Zaldia, Source: sexstories.com

    Scotty was a boy who lived close to Jake, but not as close as Rachel did. He was invited over to Jake’s house and he gladly accepted the invitation. Scotty had soft, blond hair and a slender build. And, like Jake, he had a cute little butt to top it all off. He arrived at Jake’s house at around 7pm. He rapped on the door and shortly after he got a response. After the session of wild sex, the quintet had had, they cleaned themselves up and even got dressed. They spent the next four hours relaxing, drinking (although not too much as they didn’t want to exhaust the alcohol), and eating whatever. There was plenty of food in the fridge and most of them ate a lot after such a workout. Ashley was in the living room (which was the room closest to the main entrance) when Scotty arrived at the party. Ashley went to answer the door. When Jake said he would invite a friend over, the girls asked if Jake knew another boy that was as good as he was. Jake said that and Scotty had masturbated in the same room before (something he assured that a lot of straight guys did) and that Scotty probably lasted as long as Jake did and had a similar sized penis. Jake and Scotty had been close childhood friends and always told each other everything. When Ashley reached the front door, she immediately opened it and was greeted with the handsome little sight that was Scotty. He was taller than Jake (not as tall as Rachel, Ashley or Sarah though) and maybe even taller than Amy. “Hi!” Scotty greeted. Ashley  put her hands on her knees and bent over slightly, levelling herself with the boy all the while giving him a great view of her breasts. “Hi! Come inside!” Ashley urged. Scotty complied and entered the house he had not stared at Ashley’s tits, but he had stolen a glance at them and damn did they look nice. Amy (a girl Scotty was familiar with) came to greet Scotty from the living room but before she could say anything someone yelled. “Is he here!!??” Sarah shouted from somewhere deeper inside the house. Scotty suddenly wondered how many girls were here. “Yes!!!!” Ashley shouted back. The trio at the door heard the stomping of bare feet against the hardwood floor of the Robinson’s. The stomping belonged to not only Sarah, but Rachel and Jake as well. Scotty took a glance at all of the girls and he realized that although they seemed fully clothed, he was pretty sure none of them were wearing bras judging by the puffiness of the girls’ breasts. Especially Rachel, who looked almost completely naked. Scotty was pretty sure she was not wearing any panties and thought that maybe none of the other girls were either. “Hi girls, and hi Jake!” Scotty said. All of the girls greeted him individually. The sextet walked over to the living room where they all took a seat. The Robinsons had two loveseats so the six people had to squish together, although they were still young and therefore small so it was not too squishy. Amy and Ashley sat on either side of Scotty while Rachel and Sarah sat ...