1. Splint's Humiliation

    Date: 5/20/2019, Categories: BDSM Author: byjustincbenedict, Source: Literotica

    Vince looked doubtfully at Splint, kneeling naked in the corner of his own living room. Then Vince turned his head back at Sparky, who smiled at him. God, watch her toss that ice blonde hair. When Splint began seeing Sparky, the whole crowd had been taken aback. Sparky was overweight in kind of a sexy way--big boobs, big hair all that kind of thing. Most of Splint's friends found her unusual. The guys liked flirting and trading dirty jokes with the extroverted girl, and the girls found her a little catty. But what had been even more interesting was, Splint, who had always been a "bros before hos" kind of pal changed quite a bit. He once had been the type to neglect fiancées, and once had deserted a bride at the altar. Splint's allegiance had always been to the guys, but when he met Sparky, he became a homebody, and she'd even taught him to crochet, which he reported was calming. "Splint can't make it" quite often was Sparky's sweet but definite answer quite often when Vince or one of the other guys wanted to get a brew or watch a game. And, when co-ed get togethers occurred, Splint stayed right by his new girlfriend's side, and he'd often do the dishes while everyone else sat around the living room and relaxed. Splint seemed more peaceful, and he didn't curse as much, but Vince missed the wild man that his buddy had once been. Clyde, another friend had reported that he'd dropped by Splint's place and had heard screaming in the back yard. Peeping over the fence, Clyde had  seen something astonishing. Sparky, tits bouncing away in her crop top, was whacking Splint who was tied over the picnic table "She was hitting him? Big Splint?" Vince, Larry, Clifford and Charlie had halted their darts game. "Yeah, Sparky cut a branch off that big maple tree in the yard and was hitting Splint's butt with it, and when she saw me she called over and asked me if I could lend her my freakin' belt." "But what did Splint do? Did you call a cop, Clyde?" Vince asked. "Yeah, she had him tied up. that's kidnapping right?" Larry added. "Or domestic violence, that's what I thought, but Splint yelled that everything was copacetic, so I just got out of there. He coulda broken those ropes." It did seem a little ridiculous. Splint, after all was a drill sergeant at the Marine base right outside Buttermilk Falls. And he was a competitive kick boxer. And now, Vince had been invited over for dinner and after dinner was over, Sparky had told Splint to strip and kneel in the corner, and put a blindfold on. And the guy did it. Splint, who once told a girl he was single, and then threw her out of his house when she asked whose makeup was in the bathroom. Splint, the Alpha male. And Vince had his doubts about Sparky's fidelity. During dinner, which Splint had served, Vince had felt a foot rubbing his crotch under the table, and sexy Sparky was grinning at him. It had been very distracting over the tater tots. Now Sparky was sitting next to Vince on the couch, a little cuddly. She was ...