1. Nympho Fallon: Fallon Tuned

    Date: 5/20/2019, Categories: Anal Group Sex Fetish Author: janus2017, Source: xHamster

    Tell me about any girl who hasn’t caught out a guy perving on her butt flesh under a short dress as she is going up the stairs. I knew some prick’s eyes were ogling me before I fully turned around.Still I hadn’t chosen the most private spot to check out the clear damp patch on the back of my shortish yellow dress. Well I had hurriedly chosen a light sheer fabric to wear in my rush out the door and even worse I hadn’t got to change my cum saturated skimpy pink panties after nearly being caught by my own mother on the stairs at home screwing both the security installation guys. But hey a girl can’t ignore a boner directly in front of her.I was checking out the soaked patch on my dress with my fingers as Georges looked up the stairs. I could feel the spreading wetness. The old bastard Georges, my music tutor, could see the damp clammy patch just as clearly as I could feel it and his eyes had the perfect angle for an indecent leisurely stare up my flouncy short yellow dress to my soaked pink scanty knickers.Well nothing for it. It looked like I was screwing my first ever older guy today. Geez just how many cocks could a girl really enjoy in a day? Well technically an afternoon. I really shouldn’t have lost control with Jarryn in his car behind my place after school. I mean he got my pussy and arse following his first feel up and only after our second time together. I really was trashy...but hey I was one satisfied happy slut as I made my way inside to our kitchen after Jarryn had my arse.From there it was all a sexual rollercoaster. The two security installation guys in our house were not planned. But hey who plans sex ...except for the pill...but that’s smart planning.Geez a girl should be able to wander around her house naked...but should check the calendar for house callers I suppose...No...then it wouldn’t have happened and the young guy was so cute...it had to be his first fuck...and the other guy in his twenties... Yeah Ben; he knew how to work arse...very nice thankyou... but here was Georges moving up the stairs with a spring in his over fifty years gait. What the fuck was I going to do with him? I mean I had enjoyed three good roots this afternoon. Yeah Georges was getting what?Fuck that wet patch...how far will I go with Georges? Give his old cock a tug? Suck his randy pecker off? Screw the dude till he pants. Really give him something to remember for the next few years, let him work his meat into my tight back crack. Well I thought I had it covered. After all; in these situations, it is the tart that’s in control.First thing was to slow the randy old bugger down. I actually needed a break from sex. Did I just think that? Or was it better to get this over with fast.“Ms Fallon nice to see you could finally make piano practice” said the bastard with a puffing blackmailing grin.I knew what he had in mind. Had since the first day I came to practice here. Well I hadn’t wanted to screw him six months ago and still didn’t... but he was only a ...