1. Instinctual Insemination

    Date: 5/20/2019, Categories: Fiction Cheating BDSM Voyeur / Exhibitionism Group Sex Non-consensual sex Mature / Older Pregnant, Rape Author: Ajars, Source: sexstories.com

    I’m not a young man, but when I sat in the doctors office with my wife as our doctor told us we couldn’t conceive, I had never felt so old. I never imagined being one of those couples that had to adopt, and definitely not one that imagined never having kids, but as the doctor explained how my wife, Clara, could not have children I grew very very still. Clara was crying and I was telling her it would all be fine, but I didn’t know that it would. We had thought I was shooting blanks, but as it turned out, my target was what had gone wrong. After a year of us “accepting it” we finally came to the conclusion that this wasn’t going to work out sans kids, and we started looking at other options. I didn’t want to adopt. The wait was long, it was really all luck of the draw, and most of all, I wanted MY genes to be in MY kid. Plain and simple. That was when surrogacy was brought up to us and we began the process of finding the perfect surrogate for our child. We flipped through the pamphlet until we both agreed on a girl with a great profile. We asked to set up a meeting, and waited patiently a week later in the lobby for our first appointment. A young woman walked into the room and I could do nothing but stare. Amazing legs helped shape a nice round ass, supple hips, and an amazing set of tits. All were packaged in an pair of athletic pants and a running tank. The beauty’s hair was a chestnut brown, rich and healthy, and her skin was a soft smooth milky white. She looked youthful,  healthy, and over all incredible. She sat, and then a secretary came out. “Naomi, Mr. and Mrs. Michaels. The doctor will see you now.” To my started surprise, the girl stood back up along with us, and we all entered the room, she flashed me a charismatic smile. The doctor explained all the medical mumbo-jumbo but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t distracted. Even her collar bone was sexy. Her neck was slender, and she had high cheek bones framing a beautiful face and seductive full lips that curved into a smile even when neutral. Her eyes were heavy lidded and a light honey brown. “Any questions?” I tuned in and sputtered, “How do we do it?” The doctor explained, “We go in and artificially inseminate the fertile egg. This will be done with your semen.” I looked over at her, my body somehow very aroused at the idea that Naomi was “fertile”. There was something suddenly so damn sexy about her taking my seed, and caring my child I was momentarily speechless. “Great.” I managed. We concluded our first meeting. In the lobby, Clara stopped Naomi. “I’d like if we could ask a few questions as we go over and sign papers.” She said, Naomi agreed, “Sure, I’d love that. How about dinner at my place. I’ll cook.” My wife nodded, “That’d be great.” We left. The next day Clara was called in for a late night evening. “Can you cancel with Naomi? I’ll have to be at the office late, and I want to reschedule.” “No problem” I said, barely masking my disappointment. When I went to make the call, I ...