1. Bea's Story

    Date: 5/20/2019, Categories: Fiction Anal Bestiality, Black, Oral Sex / Blowjob Extreme, Group Sex Hardcore, Interracial Necrophilia, Mature / Older Pregnant, Romance Teen Author: tw_holt, Source: sexstories.com

    ... asked, nodding to the candy. “Heh, I love chocolate,” I answered, his eyes widening, his mouth dropping when I pulled my dress off over my head. I sat there smiling at him. “Uh, I’m a little ahead of schedule,” he looked over his shoulder to the back cab compartment. “You wanna?” “I do.” I straddled him back there, kissing him, feeling his erection get bigger and bigger against my pussy. Mmm, I loved it. A moment later, I fished that big dick out, and was on my knees sucking all over it. I wondered if people could see the cab of his huge truck rocking to and fro in the parking lot of the gas station. I was riding his cock so hard and fast, he lost track of time. “Shit, girl, I gotta get back on the road,” he grabbed my waist, stopping my bouncing. “Wait, I want you to cum though.” “Well get back on your knees and suck that dick, then.” A couple minutes later, he filled my mouth. I swallowed several large gulps of semen. I laughed when he rushed to the front cab, cock still dripping cum and hastily put his seat belt on. I wiped my mouth and joined him. I put my belt on and remained nude. *** School started up again soon and with it, my second boyfriend. He was a year older than me, a football star, and reminded me a little of Eric. He was ripped, built, huge. I still missed Reymond, but Marquis quickly made me forget. I feel hard in love with him. I went everywhere with him. Football games, practices, the mall, everywhere. I was the only white girl at his family functions. I was his girl and he kept me in constant orgasmic bliss. Summer was spent mostly sneaking over to his house for sex. When school started back up, he’d pick up each morning I’d suck his cock in his car until it was time to go to class. I accompanied him to two proms. Each one ending in an all-night fuck fest. We’d roll around, telling each other how much we loved one another, then climax together. When he dumped me, my heart felt like it shriveled up and blew away like powder in the wind. I was beyond crushed. He told me he was going to college and wanted to be single. When I started my senior year of high school, I discovered I had no friends; no white ones at least. The white girls looked at me with disgust, the white guys ignored me. The black girls were almost downright aggressive with me. I learned a lot my first couple weeks back at school. I couldn’t help what I was, what I craved and preferred. I hadn’t even come up with the Afrosexual term yet. Stereotypes are based in reality. Was I a stereotype? A stereotypical white trash, slut that sleeps around with all the black guys? I didn’t feel like that. Yes, I was only attracted to blacks, but only had sex with two by that point. Both were my boyfriends; the second I was madly in love with. At this point I got angry. I was miserable, heartbroken, people thought I was something I didn’t think I was. If that’s all they saw in me, in my teenage immaturity, I decided to play the part. I started with the football team first, ...