1. Step-Mother has a Secret

    Date: 5/20/2019, Categories: Trans Author: bycall_me_dana, Source: Literotica

    Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. ***** "Rachel ... Wait! I can explain." The curtain had already closed and she was gone. I looked in the changing room mirror and my untucked bulge was quite evident. I hurriedly re-tucked, stepped into my leather skirt and into my heels. Looking at the pretty young woman who had been helping us I mumbled something about having to leave but I would be back for my purchases. I scanned the mall and ran best I could towards the parking lot to find her. I finally caught up and asked if we could talk. Rachel turned around and just said "I can't right now." And then she turned and left. I walked back to the Free People store with a bit of sadness but I knew this day would likely come one day. I just never expected it this way. The young woman had folded or put the items back on hangers and sat them aside for me. I smiled upon my return and thanked her. I did buy the skirt and a blouse then drove home to share the news. ** Richard, my dutiful husband of the past three years, was waiting for me at home. Richard is 63 and nearly 30 years my senior. He's been retired a couple years and is now the house husband. Richard was a widower for 7 years before meeting me. He had been married to a wonderful woman for 25 years previously. Richard had come into the gentleman's club I worked nights a few times before he finally bought a lap dance. We hit it off almost immediately and started dating a few weeks later. I was  finishing Grad School during the day and dancing nights to pay the bills. We dated a few months before he introduced me to Rachel and his son, Jerry and his wife Kelli. Our relationship was sexual from the third date. Richard hadn't said anything but I could tell from his gentle manner on our first two dates the kind of woman he was looking for in a relationship. He drove me home after our third date and parked outside my apartment complex. I casually lifted my skirt and lowered my panties for him to see the outline of my cock in the shadows of the night. I took his hand and brought it to my cock for him to stroke, I slipped my left hand behind his neck and brought his lips to mine to kiss me. Once he had me nearly hard, I broke the kiss and pushed his face to my crotch. His mouth immediately opened and he took my cock. My hands ran through his hair as I shifted in the car to give him better access. He lips and tongue worked along my cock, sucking hard on my shaft then letting me slip free. He looked up and smiled then quickly took me once more. Sooner than I could have imagined, I was cumming in Richard's warm mouth. I was shooting my gooey cream down his throat and he took every drop with nary a gag or a spilled drip. It was obvious Richard liked sucking cock. And he liked that I took control of the moment. Two years after we met and six months after I graduated, Richard and I got married on the beach with a small collection of friends. His daughter was my maid of honor. Of ...