1. Suffocating Summer

    Date: 5/21/2019, Categories: Fiction Anal Violence / Cruelty First Time Incest / Taboo Non-consensual sex Rape Teen Author: SummersDaddy, Source: sexstories.com

    The day started out just like any other weekday - I woke up at 6.30, rolled over and fumbled for my phone to turn off the alarm. Emma, my wife, was away at another business conference. She was in Berlin and gone since Monday, not due back until Friday. It was thus, my responsibility to wake up Summer and get her off to school on time. I hobbled sleepily down the stairs, in to the kitchen and got to work on making breakfast. Pancakes, with lots of sticky syrup. My daughters favourite. Not thirty seconds after I lifted them from the pan, Summer burst in to the kitchen, a little ball of energy as always. She was small, but always very lively and spritely. Dressed in the underwear that she'd slept in, a white vest and a little pair of pink Disney panties with Minnie Mouse on, she looked as cute as ever. The panties were a size or two too small and cut a tight fit on her petite figure, especially snug around her bubbly little ass. You wouldn't believe to look at it from behind that she's the age she is. She ran up to me and I squatted down to her height so we could hug tightly, our bodies pressed snugly together. I held my little girl between my bended knees and asked if she slept well. Apparently Charles - her stuffed toy - had kept her warm and safe from the monsters under the bed. She had a very fertile imagination and started off with another wild story about Charles protecting her with magic, before noticing the bowl with the leftover pancake batter on the sink. Her story  stopped mid flow, her attention focused elsewhere now. Always such a sweet tooth. She grabbed the bowl and stuck the little fingers of her tiny, delicate hands in to it. Bringing them to her mouth, she began licking them clean one by one. The way she was licking them... It wasn't quite... Normal. I know that it sounds bad and very much like I'm some sort of pervert, but it just looked so sensual. She was licking the batter off her fingers slowly, sucking each one deep in to her mouth. Her sparkling eyes stayed fixed on mine. It felt as though she was teasing me, and if she were ten years older - I'd be certain that she was. Turning away from her and facing the kitchen counter, I surreptitiously reached in to my undershorts and adjusted myself. When she was done with the batter we sat down and ate the pancakes I'd made. Without my wife here to make sure the shopping and errands were done we were unfortunately running out of syrup, so I had my pancakes plain and squeezed out everything that was left on to hers. Her soft little lips glistened with the sweet, sugary glaze while we sat and chatted about the day to come. A string of syrup hung from the corner of her mouth as she fed herself another delicious forkful, and my mind flashed with uncomfortable thoughts. I turned on the TV to distract myself, and we watched a little morning television. Some kids show with colourful puppets played, while I ironed and pressed her smart school uniform to the best of my abilities. The time was ...