1. Suffocating Summer

    Date: 5/21/2019, Categories: Fiction Anal Violence / Cruelty First Time Incest / Taboo Non-consensual sex Rape Teen Author: SummersDaddy, Source: sexstories.com

    ... daddy. For daddy to come along and save her as always. Ha. It was daddy she was going to get. With my free hand I ripped off the pillowcase and with the other - I squeezed as tightly as I could on her neck. Choking, constricting her windpipe, pressing on her arteries. I leaned in and yanked her head back, her eyes rolling in to the back of her head, her face purple, her lips blue. The last thing she saw before she lost consciousness again was me. Daddy, spitting in her face. The last thing she heard was me telling her that she was a useless slut. She tried to croak something as our eyes met, maybe an apology, a sorry, I don't know or care what it was. All I know, is that at that moment my balls spasmed and my cock jolted. I must have shot more of my hot, sticky cum in to her miniature baby intestines than I'd ever filled my wife or anyone else with. I dropped her dumb little head on to the pillow, and slowly pulled my softening cock from her arse. What was maybe 25 minutes before a tightly sealed little flower had become a gaping creamy volcano. My cum spilled ...
    ... beautifully out of her torn little hole. Streaks of red in among the whitish cock-milk gave away just how brutal the assault on my poor little girls ass had been. Her purple face was regaining some more of her natural colour, but was scratched and bruised from the intense slapping. I picked up the thermometer, and dipped it easily in to the puddle of cum. The whole thing slipped easily in to her abused, torn asshole. I looked at the reading and compared it with the instructions - not too high, but I wanted to monitor it, so I decided to leave it there. After wiping my dirty cock clean on her teddy, I went back down to the kitchen, naked from the waist down and made myself a sandwich. Sat back in the living room, I pressed play on the video again. There she was, little Summer. Sticking out her tongue and playing with her flat little chest. Flicking her small pink nipples. Some perverted fucker gifted her another shitty boat emoji. She flashed her little candy cunt to the camera again and it looked so fucking tight. I hadn't even tried to open that. Yet. To be continued?