1. Divided - Part 1

    Date: 5/21/2019, Categories: Fiction Cheating Violence / Cruelty BDSM Humiliation Romance Teen Author: PunisherStories, Source: sexstories.com

    This is the second story in my domination series. It is split in two parts to make up for the sheer length of the story. After this story will come a new stand-alone spin off and then the second part. I'm very pleased with the response from my stories so far and look forward to seeing the feedback of this one. Always happy to receive feedback or constructive criticism. Divided Part 1 Chapter 1 It was a beautiful spring day. The sun shined bright in the sky with very few clouds. The leaves on the trees were a bright green. In a quiet neighborhood in California, a young boy named Damien Shellwood walked home from his best friend Eric's house. Damien was the 7 year old son of a wealthy family. His father James was a 30 year old Stockbroker. He was a tall 6'1 with black yet greying hair. His mother Amy was a 32 year old nurse. She was 5'7 large busted, blonde women, her curled hair stopped just above her shoulders. Her regular workout routine allowed her to keep her curvy figure. The Shellwoods were a happy family. Respected by their neighbors and friends. They raised Damien to be polite, reserved and in other people's words, posh. They were very formal and were sometimes described as high maintenance. They were judged mostly on the way they spoke. Using big word's that some people didn't understand. Of all the things the family was, stuck up was not one of them. James Shellwood did his best to keep his family from becoming that way. Money was not going to turn them into snotty  rich people. At 7 years old, many people would have disagreed with the idea of letting a young boy walk home by himself But he lived around the corner so it shouldn't have taken more then 5 minutes to walk home. Plus the town of Pandora where they lived was a quiet, peaceful town. A town where everyone knew and trusted everyone. Damien walked along the street, almost home. He was excited. His dad promised him that they would play baseball in the back yard when he got home. His mom promised to make his favourite meal. Baked beans on toast. As he walked along a van pulled up alongside him Damion looked to see a man at the wheel. He looked scary with tattoos on his arms and a shaved head. "Hey kid, I'm a friend of you're parents. They asked me give you a ride home!" The man said with a smile. Damien looked at the ground and kept walking. "My mom told me not to talk to strangers!" He said quietly. "Good boy, for listening to you're mom. I know her, she's a nurse right?" He continued. Damien didn't answer but nodded. "Kid I'm not a stranger I promise. You're parents asked me to come get you. You're dad is a friend of mine." The young man naively accepted the stranger's words and climbed into the van. The Van slowly pulled away. Amy Shellwood was starting to wonder where Damien was. She told him to be home for 6. It was unlike him to be late home. Especially when he knows he's got beans on toast waiting. When the clock showed 6:30, Amy called up Eric's mother Beth. "Hey Beth!" She ...