1. Letter of Intent

    Date: 5/21/2019, Categories: Non-consensual sex Author: DarkSide, Source: LushStories

    It all started as a joke. A few laughs with some colleagues about the ethics of being blindfolded and bound as part of the sexual act. I couldn’t see the point of it, but some of my work colleagues disagreed with me to the point of getting red in the face. Then letters started arriving at my house. I couldn’t make out who the first one was from or what it was about, so I opened it. It was hand-written in a lovely curly script. It was short and to the point. The content could have been directed at anyone, but since it had my name on the envelope, I guessed it was directed at me. 22 Carlton Avenue Friday 22nd January 8:30 pm There was no name, no contact number or return address. It was a one way invitation to something. I smelt the letter in case there was perfume on it. I looked at the envelope both inside and out. I studied the handwriting. Nothing seemed to give it away. Friday was three days away. I didn’t know what to do with the information. At first I thought it was some mistake. I couldn’t imagine someone inviting me or us to some event without stating who they were. It was certainly odd. I ripped both the letter and the envelope in two and then threw them in the bin; covering them under some other rubbish, out of sight from the wife. None of my friends mentioned anything when we were drinking in the pub that evening. Nothing was mentioned by any of my colleagues during work the following day, despite me staring at one or two of the most obvious candidates to see if  they would reveal anything. That evening, when I arrived home, I picked up the usual junk letters and was about to throw them in the bin when I noticed another cream coloured envelope with just my name on the front of it like the last one. I contemplated just throwing it away but my curiosity took control. I opened it. Don’t forget Friday I know you think this is a joke, but be there You won’t regret it! Again I ripped the paper and disposed of it in the bin, just before my wife came into the room. We chatted and started to prepare the evening meal. After we ate, we watched TV. My wife declared her intention for an early night and I knew all too well what that meant. She left me to watch the last fifteen minutes of the drama on the television before I joined her. I was about three stairs up when I heard the letterbox creak open. As I looked behind me I saw a cream coloured letter being pushed through the opening. I rushed towards the door just as it fell to the floor. I fumbled with the keys in my trouser pockets and finally rescued them from all the crap and opened the door. I rushed into the path leading to our house and virtually ran to the gate. It was closed and after opening it I rushed onto the street, looking first left and then right and then all around me. I saw no one. I kept still and silent, glancing occasionally left and right to see if there was any movement anywhere. Nothing. No sight nor sound of anyone. I eventually resigned myself to this strange event and ...