1. Letter of Intent

    Date: 5/21/2019, Categories: Non-consensual sex Author: DarkSide, Source: LushStories

    ... full on the lips. My buttocks clenched as Elizabeth’s soft lips engulfed my cock and my hand slipped to the back of her head. I pulled her towards me. Her lack of gag reflex shocked me at first but it was such an amazing feeling when my cock slipped all the way down her throat, especially when she started to swallow. I never expected that from the boss’s wife. It was such an exquisite feeling. There was no rubbing, no pulling, no friction, yet the pressure her throat placed on my cock was outstanding. Vanessa finally lifted herself on top of Mandy’s cock and buried it deep inside her. With my cock pulsing inside Elizabeth’s throat, my attention was taken by Debbie who was moaning on two fingers that were constantly being pushed in and out of her open and inviting cunt. Her right nipple was being sucked into Amelia’s mouth and I watched as Debbie’s juices flowed from her pussy onto Emelia’s fingers and thigh. With her eyes closed, Debbie sighed heavily as she came on Amelia’s fingers. I looked down on Elizabeth and started to contract the muscles around my cock. I wanted to explode down her throat and provide her with copious quantities of spunk, but I also wanted to last. I couldn’t believe my cock was that far down the boss’ wife’s throat. Through that single conversation, I had found myself inside the den of iniquity, full of five lustful and wanton women, pleasing themselves on each other and me. It was going to be a long and eventful evening.