1. The Ex Files part 3: Nightclub naughtiness

    Date: 5/22/2019, Categories: Hardcore, Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: PornLovingChick, Source: xHamster

    Names are changed to protect the guilty. Everything else is exactly as I remember it.Whispers was always a terrible nightclub. It was one of those places you would never plan to go to but then after about the fifth drink with the gang after work on a Friday you'd somehow find yourself there anyway. The kind of place where married men would slip their wedding rings into their pocket, buy you drinks you didn't ask for, then call you a bitch if your knicker-elastic didn't instantly dissolve in proximity to a sugary cocktail. The kind of place where divorced women would dress in outfits fifteen years too young for them and two sizes too small, and writhe their hips with ever more salacious, slutty desperation the closer it got to 3am, as the booze and their fear of spending the night alone overcame their self-esteem. You know the kind of place I mean.Gavin was my partner in crime. We worked in different departments at the same company, so we'd only really spend time together when we were socialising. He was really quite camp and when we first met I assumed he was gay. He wasn't, but the last I'd known he had a girlfriend & I guess I'd probably had a boyfriend not long before that evening too. I'd never really thought about whether I fancied him, he was my mate and we always had a laugh together at work parties and suchlike.As the evening played out, most of the rest of our colleagues had wimped out and gone home. A couple of the girls from HR were were still on the prowl on the  dancefloor, extracting as many drinks from horny men as they could. Gav and I were just chatting, catching up on each other's gossip about work and our love lives. Then, as we were so fond of doing, we began bitching and giggling about some of the people in the club. Before long we were imagining what they would be doing in about an hour's time. To begin with, we were just being really mean."See those two over there?" Gav nodded towards a couple wrapped around each others bodies on the dancefloor. "He's going back to her place, and when she stands over him & unzips her dress so much flesh is going to fall out and tumble all over him that he'll think she'd been smuggling an octopus in there.""See the couple making out in the dark corner over there?" I added. "When he gets her home she will unzip his hideous leather jeans and where she thinks there is a bulge, she's going to find the pair of bundled up football socks he's got stuffed in there."As we continued in that vein, the stories got a little less cruel and a bit more, shall we say, vivid. "You see her there with the short spangly dress, tottering on her high heels? She's about to give up, go home, strip off and shower herself, rubbing the sponge between her legs and thinking about all the ones who got away. She'll then dive into her collection of vibrators, take out the really big fat one at the back, lie down, close her eyes and not open them again until the batteries run out, sometime tomorrow morning.""See what Val & ...