1. GF turns me Gay

    Date: 5/22/2019, Categories: Fetish First Time Gay Author: 425olds, Source: xHamster

    I found Wendy on OKCupid. She was just another face as I scrolled down, albeit a fairly attractive one. I clicked on her profile, glancing over it: she was older than me, which is not usually my type, and she was six years older than I at thirty two. She had a darker natural red hair in shoulder length cut, but a sort of light olive complexion, and pouty lips, same height as me. Musical tastes in common? Check. Reading? Movies? Check and check.Polyamorous. Well. I've been single for a while at this point, and I've dated around a fair bit, so it didn't seem like a troubling thing. Besides, it said she was single anyways at the moment. I looked over her answered questions and found all sorts of fun things: she seemed to be quite sexually open for one. For another, she seemed very... take charge. I've never been the most forward guy around, but hey, time to try new things. I scrolled through her pictures again. She had a nice smile, and wasn't shy about showing some skin. Or all of it.Now, she was definitely out of my league. A higher education to boot, but I wasn't that far out of her league either. I don't hit the gym more than a handful of times a month, just enough to keep a little bit of definition, which isn't as easy as you'd think at 5'11. I keep my hair long enough to pull off the whole messy hasn't shaved in two days thing quite well, and it's gotten me places where I could use my dick. No giant, but a decently thick six incher. I have a sweet gig in an IT  department, and the money was ahead of the few friends I had around my age.It was several days later, virtually forgotten, just another woman who didn't respond. Until she did. We chatted a bit, which led to a date. A date that went well, at a comedy club. She was actually better looking in person, and the confidence I saw in her profile was definitely there in real life. I didn't hesitate to pay for everything, I didn't want to be stingy, and she'd obviously dressed herself up a fair amount. This led to more texting and another date. I hadn't made it to second base yet, but she knew how to keep me on her finger. She was interesting and enjoyed to flirt, but not to be caught much at all.We continued to date for a few weeks, and learned she had been through some rather intense relationships and had done the whole polyamorous thing for a while, but was trying to see if she could do the whole single thing. She had also done the whole kinky sex thing quite a bit more than I had. I'm not vanilla, but she was in another category, that I hoped to experience soon.It didn't quite go that way. I'd take her out somewhere nice, we'd have a good time, and a peck on the cheek at the end, at best. She'd flirt, and I couldn't help but respond, and my sole attempt to bring up the issue had been quashed quickly. I didn't want to risk that again, so I let her take things at her own pace.Outside of that, things were going great for me. We were forming a real connection, and after a night at my place, we ...