1. Huston conference ch 1 Tequila and a thong

    Date: 5/22/2019, Categories: Gay First Time Interracial Author: tryme69u, Source: xHamster

    It had been a long day at a work conference in Huston, and i was utterly drained. How many ways could you hear the same thing, and then hear them again from other much more excited men at the bar located at the hotel. After some quick farewells i made my way back up to my room, where i had planned on just laying in bed and relaxing the rest of the night. Well that was the plan until Fred a buddy from my office text me and said "tequila?". I should have said no but of course i didn’t "sure why not" i replied back to him. "On my way" was his reply. When i made it in my room i did a quick check around to make sure nothing that shouldn’t have been seen was. So that when freed knocked on my door i was confident that everything embarrassing was well hid. "Thank fucking god" he said walking in behind me after i opened the door for him. "Tell me about it. I could only last half an hour down there with those fuckers." I said pulling out two glasses from the counter and sliding then to him. He filled them up and we chugged them down. We did 3 rounds back to back before breaking to sit around the small table i had in the room. "So what did you think of that. Bullshit today?" He asked "it was the normal physc up garbage. Dude that was presenting looked like he was a fucking coke head. Could not get past that no matter what he said" i commented starting to feel rather better. So during our rants of how stupid the conference was we took another 2 shots. "Dude i swear ever since Jackson  left these things have been boring as fuck." He said. Casually pouring another round of shots. "Who was Jackson?" I asked after downing my shot. "Oh he was this guy who was a blast to hang out with. He made these things so much better?" Fred said pouring out another round. "You are going to have to explain that. How the hell can you make this better." I asked before shooting the tequila he had poured out. "Look if i tell you this you cant say a word." He said all serious. "Dude i never say shit. You know that." I said to him. "Well my man Jackson was a bit of a freak. I mean we would have this rolling from room to room until 1 or 2 in the morning. Then we would all slide into the meetings like nothing ever happened. Best conference hoe we ever had." He said pouring out another round of shots. By now i was really feeling the tequila hitting my brain hard so i was a little out of it "damn really" i said all the time thinking how much better a real cock would feel compared to my dildo hidden away in my suitcase. "Yeap" he said after downing his shot. "It actually didn’t start out like that." He said looking at me "it started with him wearing thongs and shit to work." I must have looked shocked because he said "we didn’t mind or think anything of it. Just like when you try to sneak around in them." Let just say lead balloon implanted itself in my gut. "Wait what" i said spluttering "aw relax no one cares. We are just waiting to see if you turn into just a big of a freak as Jackson. ...