1. My New Job

    Date: 5/22/2019, Categories: First Time Group Sex Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: MacDaddyRico, Source: xHamster

    Some time after my service in the Navy I had started a job with a trucking firm as their Assistant Warehouse Manager and Forklift Operator. Though my training was in electronics, I had to settle for this job; I had to find something, and fast, because at that time Bell South wasn't even accepting applications for five years. The trucking company was located near the airport in a modest college town in North Carolina, which offered me several choices of quality schools in which to further my education. Of course, this was my plan, as the only real reason I joined the military was to take advantage of the Old G.I. Bill before it expired after 1976. The Bill would be modified in 1977, and pretty much downgraded (the Old Bill paid 100% benefits.) I planned on working for one year at this new job before starting college, as I wanted a little time to get re-adjusted to civilian life. The job paid well, especially in overtime, which was always paid in cash with no taxes taken out. My overtime envelope was often more than my actual paycheck. I'd clock in most days at 5 or 6 p.m. and work until all arriving trucks were unloaded, the freight sorted and stored, then routed and loaded onto our four local delivery trucks for the next day's deliveries throughout the state. On average it would take two hours to properly unload a tractor-trailer and check in the load. Then another hour or two to route the freight and load it up for next day's delivery. For many nights it was "hurry up and  wait," while the incoming trucks were often hours apart. And on other nights it was bust-ass, as two or even three trucks would arrive simultaneously. Being the only employee there most nights meant I pretty much had the place to myself, and having a key for the soda machine in the warehouse afforded me a discreet place to keep my beer cold. Of course, I always had my bag of weed, as well as my Sharp dual cassette player and double-sided storage case of 300 tapes. Most every night that warehouse was rocking! The truck drivers, most arriving from a long haul across several states, often just handed me the envelope of manifests, invoices, bills of lading, etc. and the keys to their trucks, then they'd retired into their sleepers for some much needed shut-eye. After I'd unloaded their trucks, I would enter the cabs and move the rigs from the dock to make room for the next truck. The company was pretty much the only business there, which meant I had the entire parking lot in which to park the rigs. This is where I learned how to drive the big rigs. One early evening, as I was busy unloading a truck, a young woman stuck her head into the warehouse between the trailer and the loading dock, which startled me. I immediately stopped the forklift and asked her if she needed any help. She was rather young and very pretty, so when she told me that she heard the music and just wanted to check it out I was rather relieved; I thought perhaps she was in some kind of trouble. I went around, ...