1. Slut of the Old Republic: Kashyyyk

    Date: 5/22/2019, Categories: Celebrities Author: byACSD, Source: Literotica

    (Disclaimer: This is free fantasy/parody for legal adults. The author claims no ownership of any copyrighted material.)The Republic is on the defensive. After narrowlydefeating the Neo Mandalorian invaders, it nowfaces a Sith army led by former Jedi Darth Malak. On Kashyyyk, now controlled by Czerka Corporation,the Wookiee traitor Chuundar has taken his brotherZaalbar hostage in order to consolidate his power. To free their friend, Bastila Shan and her allies musttravel to the Shadowlands far below and confront amad Wookiee threatening Chuundar's precarious grip.... SHADOWLANDS - KASHYYYK - 3956 BBY The battle was over before it began. Following their new ally Jolee Bindo beyond the Czerka energy shield separating the upper and lower Shadowlands, Bastila hung back, letting him and Revan take the lead while she reached out with the Force, lightsaber at the ready. Wearing only a borrowed Jedi robe and ill-fitting boots after her last outfit was obliterated on Tatooine, she stood five feet six inches tall and had the supple, well-toned body of a teenager, her 35Cs bouncing and heaving as she scanned the shadowy forest around them. "Careful," she purred, gray eyes narrowing as she focused on a towering figure standing in the distance. "The Shadowlands are where Wookiees come to hone their hunting skills against Kashyyyk's deadliest opponents. Anyone who's managed to survive down here for years isnot to be taken lightly." The silver-furred Wookiee Jolee called Freyyr roared as  they approached. Born on Talravin to a hunter father, Bastila had picked up a little of the language during her girlhood, and everything she was hearing right now told her hewasn't happy to see them. While Jolee tried talking sense into his old friend, Bastila shifted closer to Revan. Once a Dark Lord like Malak, Revan had been brainwashed by the Jedi Council to believe she was a Republic soldier with a powerful Force connection. To keep her from seeing through the deception and recovering her dark memories, Bastila had become her Master on Dantooine, spending weeks training her in the Force and letting her put her massive tranny dickanywhere she wanted. Theirs was a bond of love now, though neither was yet brave enough to admit it. "Stay behind me!" Bastila shouted, igniting her piss-yellow lightsaber blade just as Freyyr swung his gigantic cortosis sword at her head. Ever the chauvinist, Revan leapt in front of her, blocking the strike only to be tossed aside in an unconscious heap. Such power! Jolee, dark-skinned and not much larger than she was, refused to ignite his own lightsaber and was backhanded in mid-sentence, flying backwards and vanishing in the shadowy foliage. That left only Bastila, her weapon thrumming hard enough to make her pussy tingle, her nipples hardening while she casually sidled left while deflecting and parrying the Wookiee's strikes. Freyyr was almost totally feral now, every blow rattling her bones and numbing her hands; when she let her attention ...