1. Virgin On Order Pt 3

    Date: 5/22/2019, Categories: Fiction BDSM Cum Swallowing Drug, Enema, Non-consensual sex Teen Author: Kolt48, Source: sexstories.com

    With the canvas over her body, Julie could hear her heart beating a thousandfold. She could not close her eyes. Every time she shut them, the constant humming along her sex would drive her wild. Fear was her constant companion. She was much too young; There was no way she would be ready for a baby.What could she do with her life, or would she even have a life after this? She cursed herself for ever following that bitch of a friend to the club. Julie felt the vehicle come to a stop, then she was rolled to the pavement. The next several minutes were spent on what felt like an elevator. She shivered as her body was moved towards a gaggle of music and voices, becoming louder and louder. A door opened and she was thrust into the sound. The music was turned down, then after a hush, she could hear the sound of feet surrounding her, then the familiar voice of Rob: "Welcome. Welcome,' he announced, "We decided as a token of your cooperation and appreciation, that we would present you men with a gift. A very precious gift." Among many gasps, the canvas was lifted, and tossed from Julie's shivering flesh. "I give you your very own, Teenage Virgin!" Loud cheers surrounded the poor child. "I can attest to her innocence. We had her specially prepared by the best in the business: Miss Starr herself. While we were tempted, to say the least, we have kept ourselves from her innocence, saving the maiden for whichever of you is lucky enough to go first. Feel free to use her in any way you  choose. The cuffs at her wrists and ankles can be reattached in any variety of poses. Use your imagination. For added your pleasure, I might add, Miss Starr has graciously filled her young body with the best of fertility drugs. It's for sure that some lucky stud will knock her up this night. I know that thought definitely adds to my hardness. so with out farther a due, I give you: Julie, Your Eighteen Year Old, High School, Virgin!" Julie's eyes darted left and right in fear. She counted at least 8 men, in addition to Roy and Billy. The men ranged in ages of probably 25 to 50. Most were of darker skin, either of African, Mexican decent, or both. They wasted no time in undressing. A few 'Whores' stood in their mist. They took the men's clothes, folded them and sat them aside. Billy unrolled the cord from the vibrator. "Here' he said handing the end to a man, 'Plug that in over there and watch her squirm. The woman shot her up with a bunch of hormones. Makes her horny as Hell." After the cord was plugged in, Billy switched the vibrator to high. Julie's body jerked back as if jolted with electricity. She pushed with her knees trying to escape from the humming head within her sensitive crease. Its round head was already wet from her juices. Her movements gave the erotic impression that she was trying to fuck the device. The black man peered down at her sex, working his finger around her swollen bud. "Damn, smells like she's been grinding on this for some time. Is that right, Little ...