1. Virgin On Order Pt 3

    Date: 5/22/2019, Categories: Fiction BDSM Cum Swallowing Drug, Enema, Non-consensual sex Teen Author: Kolt48, Source: sexstories.com

    ... man began to withdraw, then stroke his flesh into the young, girl's butt. Again her head was turned, and a cock was pushed into her screaming mouth. She gagged, as the shaft pushed into her throat. Julie's pain went on and on. Once her bowels had been filled to the brim with black cum, the next cock, more easily, slipped into her abused ass. Later, with her legs still locked behind her head, and a thin, athletic, man pounding away at her ass, Julie felt her body being lifted and rolled over. The man had a strong grip on her hips, driving her onto his cock. Her pert tits painfully bounced back and forth. "There's another open hole; Any takers?" the man laughed. Julie's naive mind had no idea what he meant. That was until a thick, black, cock was wiped across her battered nether lips. It pressed into the cum filled crease, slipping into her soaked cunt. She blinked in shocked disbelief, as the shaft wormed in above the other. 'Two, Two of them? How could I?' she wondered in fear. To her surprise, her body began to warm to the shafts. A heat began to fill her loins, as the dual shafts slipped against each other, barely separated inside her. Even with the cum, a new slippery substance leaked from her body. It added to the heady scent that already filled the room. Julie closed her eyes allowing the new pleasure to take her away. She found herself moaning in response. When Julie did ...
    ... open her eyes, she found herself staring up into the lips of another woman's cunt. She gagged at the musky aroma. Its closeness gave her a zooming view of the wet petals. The opening of the cunt was deep red and the white substance of a man's cum dangled towards her open mouth. It hung there, slowly slipping closer to her lips like a spider weaving its web. The strand painted her upper lip first, then the cunt came down, pressing into her face, and forcing cum into her nose. "Lick it. Lick it, Cunt," she heard from above. There was nothing she could do. Julie had become a slave to the depraved guests, and a slave to her own hormones. When at last the cuffs and gag had been released, she was helpless to resist. Julie only wrapped her legs around the men and took their eager thrusts, meeting them with her own youthful exuberance. She lapped away at the many cunts and sucked up and down at the tasty shafts. Rob and Billy exchanged high-fives. The smiles on the group assured their place in the order. "Perhaps we should do this more often," Billy stated. "Yep, I see good money in this my friend. Call that girl back. See if she has any more virgin friends." "If not, I'll press on her the need to make new friends. Maybe if she fails a few tests, they will hold her back for a year." "I do like the way you think, Billy." This is my first story posted here. I hope it works out. I have any more.