1. Cousins Share Adventure

    Date: 5/22/2019, Categories: First Time Incest / Taboo Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: frolicwonder, Source: xHamster

    Cousins Share Adventure----------Over a week had passed and we had been so busy, swamped with customers and no time to really talk to each other, but today we had rain. The chores were finished and Amanda and I stole off to the loft to relax and get to know each other better."So, Frolic….I was wondering something. Does you dad have a girlfriend?" she asked sheepishly keeping her head down as she did. I was not quite sure where this was going, but decided to find out."No, he doesn't have a regular 'girlfriend'," I giggled and continued. "He has a stable full of them. All the old lady customers to bed him, and even the girls that worked here over the summer teased and flirted with him.""Well, I really like your dad…a lot," she said slowly gathering her courage."Yes, I have noticed that you 'really like' him, since the other morning I happened to be going by his bedroom door and saw you giving him his morning blowjob," I watched her closely and waited."Oh! Frolic, I am sorry, I just could not resist," Amanda suddenly realized what I had just said, she looked up at me with her mouth open. "Did you say his morning blowjob?""Yes, his 'morning blowjob'. One of us, either Ashley or I treat him to one every day," I laughed softly seeing her cheeks blush."You mean….you guys give him a blowjob every morning? OMG." Amanda's chest swelled her sharp intake of air."Yes. You seemed so skilled as I watched you, I take it you have a great deal of experience? Do you do the same thing with your  Dad?""No," Amanda blushed again, "with my brother Aiden. I love sucking his cock and I have done it since we started grade school. He licks my pussy too.""Oh my, I think I might like that too, sucking his cock and having him eat me out." I spoke dreamily in a soft voice almost under my breath."Frolic….I have an idea that is a bit weird and kinky," she grinned looking at me and I realized how much alike we two were, having 'plans' all the time. "You said you would like to suck Aiden, what if I could arrange it?""Um….well, I guess so," I spoke hesitantly while my mind raced with excitement at the thought of it. "But, why would you do that for me?""Because I want you to arrange for me to suck your dad in the office. I am getting wet just thinking of it," she spread her legs, lifting her skirt, and sure enough, her white panties had a huge wet spot. "Do we have a deal?""How will we pull this off, I mean, they will see who it is and…." I started but she interrupted me quickly."No, blindfolds. We can each get them to wear blindfolds and then switch with each other. It will work I am sure. So, a Deal?" The look in her eyes was like mine, once a plan was created, the wheels started turning and there was literally no turning back.Two days went by as Amanda laid out the plan. She told Aiden that she wanted to get really kinky with him during lunch and that she was going to tie him to the bed and have her way with him so he could not resist or touch her except with his mouth or cock. We ...