1. The Futa Fairy - Futa Cop's Wild Wish Chapter 1: Officer Cindy's Naughty Speeder

    Date: 5/22/2019, Categories: Fiction Body modification, Discipline, BDSM Lesbian Incest / Taboo Oral Sex / Blowjob Spanking Trans Author: mypenname3000, Source: sexstories.com

    ... received the summons. At the top of the ticket is the date you have to report to traffic court and—” “Report to court?” she gasped in furious shock. “What the fuck!” “You were doing thirty over the speed limit. That's reckless. You're being sighted for negligent driving and been issued a court summons. On the back of the ticket has options for contacting the court.” “Oh, my lawyer will contact the court,” she muttered, scrawling her name in big, flowing letters, at the bottom of the ticket. “Fucking dyke cop! Can I go?” I took my clipboard back, tore off her copy of the ticket, and nodded my head. “You are free to go, ma'am. Drive safe.” Her window zipped up. She peeled out before I had made it back to my car, driving angrily out into traffic. I hurried back to my car and followed, pacing her for several miles. I bet that made her seethe. She did sixty the entire time. I sighed and turned around to get back to my duty area. At least I gave her a little annoyance. But it didn't do anything to cool my cunt. I parked on the side of the road, watching traffic flowing, my pussy itching. My hand slid down, rubbing at my blue pants, pushing them into my crotch. I pictured that blonde bitch bent over the hood of her Porsche, crying as I spanked her ass red, feeling her plump rear beneath my hand, her pussy slowly getting wetter and wetter as she realized she loved being my bitch. Then I'd fuck her so hard. I ram my nightstick into her pussy, holding it before me, thrusting my hips. If I had a strap-on with me, I'd fuck her with that. But I didn't carry anything like that while on duty. But it was my fantasy. The nightstick became a thick, rubbery, blue dildo. She screamed out in bliss as I reamed her pussy, stretching her open in ways her husband's small dick never did. Or the tennis instructor or pilates coach or whatever guy she was fucking behind her husband's back. She would gasp and moan and love it, her red ass jiggling. I'm your bitch, Officer Cindy. “Yes, you are,” I moaned, licking my lips, scratching that itch between my thighs. “Scream it. Let the world know.” I'm Officer Cindy's bitch! I groaned, pulling my fingers away. I was on duty. I couldn't masturbate. I had a job to do. Tickets to write. I shifted, my face flushed, and concentrated on I-5's flow. I pointed my radar gun down the highway, looking for any speeders out there. My phone, in my breast pocket, chirped with a text message. I pulled it out and blinked. There was one message from my daughter, Amber. “Ms. Marcie is such an awesome teacher.” I smiled at that. She had such a schoolgirl crush on one of her teachers. I remember when I was her age, realizing that I felt things for girls as well as boys. Especially my busty math teacher. The other message I didn't recognize. It had a 907 area code. I had no idea where that was from. Not Washington. I opened the message and blinked as blue-white snowflakes rained down from the top of my screen before an icy text appeared. blue font. Oh, ...