1. I am a woman

    Date: 5/22/2019, Categories: Fetish Lesbian Trans Author: crocodile15, Source: xHamster

    I'm Martina, a real woman. Well, maybe not totally.I was shopping today, to I find some cool clothes. So I went iton the city. At Deichmann, there are often reduced single pairs, often in unusual sizes. With size 43 it is not easy to find beautiful womanlike shoes. I was lucky, there they were, beautiful red patent leather high heels in red. Just awesome. And for under 20 €, I had to have. To the shoes only red lingerie will fit, so I went to Orion and a found a girdle set with nylons in red and a patent leather shirt in black. New Yorker has also often horny things and then I also found a leather mini skirt and my outfit was complete. Well, almost, because at Erotex there were lace-ups in the sale, which I also had to buy. Wig, false nails and make-up I already had, so home to style for the night.It is always great to feel nylons on the skin and then fasten with suspenders. In addition, I still had the corsage, that was more difficult, because I had bought her about 2 sizes too small. So I had to squeeze me in. But the closer I tied the corsage, the hotter I got, it was almost breathless, but I got a womanly waist and that's exactly what I wanted.But I was not completely satisfied with the result. So that the bra is filled nicely, I've put on my adhesive breast, which sticks to the chest and then at least I received a C-cup, that's enough for me. The red bra was then well filled and it looked natural. The panties were too small, or my cock was too big, so push the good  piece to the back and pull up the panties. After all, he somehow fit in and from the front it already looked like a pussy. The make-up takes a little longer, but it should also look good and sexy, so red lipstick, beautiful eyeliner, eyeshadow and false eyelashes, the transformation is slow. The dress fits well, the wig on, and as a highlight the new shoes. I've actually become a real woman, not just a sissy, really a woman. What a nice feelingThe dusk was coming and I went outside. I'm still a bit awkward on the streets, but soon it's going to be fine. So far, I have not had such high heels, but I will wear them more often now. Where should I go now? The next bar is a lesbian pub, should I go there? Why not, I'm a woman, so into it. At the bar I order a beer and get company soon. A black-haired, about 45-year-old woman with dream body speaks to me: "Hello my sweet, I've never seen you here, what drives you here?""Yes my first try here today, I like what I see. My name is Martina""I am Ellen, it is a pleasure to meet you. You look very sexy, like a woman ""Thank you, but apparently you can see right away that I'm not a real woman.""There is only woman, not right or wrong, it depends on what you feel, whether you have a pussy or a cock, it does not matter. Anyway, you are a girl of taste. ""Thank you, I'm glad if you like it"We chatted a bit more, mainly about clothes and makeup."In makeup, I still have the most pent-up demand," I said"If you want, then we go to me and I'll show ...