1. Teacher, Teacher chapter 7

    Date: 5/22/2019, Categories: Fantasy BDSM Blackmail, Oral Sex / Blowjob Body modification, Cum Swallowing Voyeur / Exhibitionism Lesbian Humiliation Masturbation / Toys Non-consensual sex Teen Slavery, Author: Swa1481, Source: sexstories.com

    Susan Adams had just arrived on campus. She was a freshman at an Indiana University. She looked around her dorm room and wondered if her new roommate and she would get along. She was excited to move on with her life. After her last year in high school, college had to be better. Susan opened her suitcase and started to unpack. She didn't bring a lot with her as she wanted a new start. It didn't take long to finish as she only brought two suit cases and a couple of boxes. She then went about personalizing her space, placing a few pictures and personal items on her dresser. Once her side of the room was finished she walked out into the courtyard to enjoy the sunshine. Susan walked over to a nice tree and sat down and turned on her iPad and started to read. The story was about a student and teacher having an affair. It was an erotic story that had the student dominating her female teacher. Ever since high school it had become Susan's favorite fantasy. Susan closed her eyes and reminisced about those couple of days last year in high school. She thought about how her two supposed friends had talked her into trapping her volleyball coach into some compromising pictures. It was just supposed to be a prank Susan thought. They were going to use the pictures at the year-end team get away as a joke. But when Susan found out that the two Divas were trying to get her favorite teacher and coach fired she realized the prank was much more serious. Susan's role was to be naked in the locker  room with Miss Hauser and to kiss her. Susan wasn't totally comfortable with the kiss but agreed to do it when Heather and Dawn agreed to let Susan have the lead in the spring play. Susan thought back to that moment in the locker room. She was naked sitting in the corner of the shower when she got the word Miss Hauser was on the way. She remembered she was supposed to cry to get Miss Hauser's attention when she walked by the shower. I hope she hears me I'm getting cold sitting here naked. I've can't believe I let those two bitches talk me into this. Oh my god there she is! Sandy Hauser saw the girl sitting in the shower naked and walked over to me and said "What's wrong Susan?" I couldn't talk, my throat was closed, I was so excited, I'm about to kiss my teacher was all I could think at that moment. All I remembered was that I needed to get her to my locker and kiss her. Then grab my clothes and run out the door. Heather and Dawn had the cameras set up around my locker to catch everything. I let Miss Hauser help me up and lead me to the lockers. The closer I got the more excited and aroused I became. By the time we made it there I just grabbed her and kissed her. I expected her to smack me or to shout at me but she just stood there with a surprised look. I couldn't resist I took her hands and put one on my tit and one on my pussy. She didn't fight me she just left them there and I kissed her again. I felt her give in to me and I almost came right there on the spot. I knew if I ...