1. Teacher's Pet (part 2)

    Date: 5/22/2019, Categories: Fiction Non-consensual sex Incest / Taboo Teen Author: xauthorjohn, Source: sexstories.com

    3 I did feel a little guilty as I sat up my laptop, connecting it to our two monitors in our den. We kept two monitors because it came in handy, allowing us to have multiple screens for some of the work we each do. I knew that most of the time, David and Emily were going to be watching their movie, so I figured I would at least try to get some of my prepping and yearly planning done, reserving the other monitor for keeping an eye on my two new lovebirds. Emily didn’t come out right away, but I soon found out why. I think she had two reasons. One to make sure I was settled in, but the second reason was obvious as she walked into the living room. She still had her grey cotton shorts on and they still fit her rump just as snugly, but she had taken my advice to a very sexy extreme. Nearly half of her ass was hanging out. I stared at the monitor in disbelief as she walked in. David was already in his chair, the movie queued to the starting credits and Emily made it a point to stand in front of him, staring at the screen for a full minute, letting him gaze upon her butt without saying a word. And he did stare. His jaw was a little slack as he soaked her in and right away, I could see the bulge in his pants lengthening and thickening. My husband has nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to size, a lesson a part of me hoped Emily would someday become familiar. Yes, I wanted my husband to go that far. I wanted to watch him sliding his gorgeous cock into her. I wanted to see it.  Possibly participate. My husband asked me for a threesome once, and I turned him down flat, because of who the threesome was with. My sister. But my daughter? Now, that was a different story. I had no history of competing with my daughter. “You going to start the movie, or what?” Emily teased him, placing her hands on her hips and turning at the waist, catching a quick glimpse of her father staring at her behind. She smiled at him, feet shoulder width apart as she teased him a little more, flexing her butt cheeks, drawing his attention briefly back to the fleshy mounds of her ass. “You naughty girl, Emily,” I mumbled. And she was being a little naughty for him. She went to the couch as he pushed play and grabbed a throw pillow. She brought it over to the floor, tossing it down. She bent slowly at the hips, lowering her upper body down, keeping her feet apart, pushing her rump out toward him, before lowering her lower half. She got onto her knees and pretended to fluff her pillow, keeping her butt in the air, still, her legs parted, offering him a view he wouldn’t soon forget. I couldn’t quite see the details from where I was sitting, but I could tell she wasn’t wearing panties and I could only imagine the camel toe that girl was offering to her father. Finally, she laid on her stomach, maintaining the distance between her feet, and oh, boy, did David stare. He couldn’t pull his eyes from her. Not for a moment. Not even when she peered over her shoulder at him. I could see the ...