1. Teacher's Pet (part 2)

    Date: 5/22/2019, Categories: Fiction Non-consensual sex Incest / Taboo Teen Author: xauthorjohn, Source: sexstories.com

    ... smile grow on her face and she looked forward again, keeping her grin. She waggled her feet as she let him keep viewing her, causing the muscles in her thighs to quiver and shake. David was getting a little antsier. He still had on his sweat pants and he reached down, squeezing his hard on, his face filled with lust. I watched them for a while, my hand finding a mind of its own, slipping beneath my robe. I parted my legs, bringing my hand back up to lick my fingertips, going back again. I brought a finger to my slit as I watched David’s eyes licking our daughter’s behind mentally. “You dirty devil, you,” I said in a low tone as his hand went back to his crotch, giving himself a little squeeze. His eyes looked at her so hungrily, like the eyes of a lion stalking its prey. He licked his bottom lip, squeezing himself again, this time harder. He wanted to fuck her. In a way, I could hardly believe it, going from zero to wanting to split her firm tail in only a few days, making me wonder if I knew the whole truth about him and the way he looked at her. Had it been going on for longer, his desire for her fermenting longer than I realized? Only cultivating to hot greed now because I had suddenly tipped the scale in his favor, planting the seeds in Emily’s mind to encourage him more? I wasn’t sure. All I knew positively was that he was ready. That much I could see plainly. “I’m definitely going to let you fuck her, David,” I said as I slid a finger into my hungry cunt, sending an intense pulsation of pleasure through my loins, I gripped my fingers with my pussy, imagining that it was her pussy and that my fingers were his cock as his greedy eyes stared down into her vulnerable ones, her looks of adoration given to him as her Daddy slid his rigid cock into her waiting, virgin pussy. “Oh, fuck, this is hot,” I groaned, trying to maintain enough cool so that I didn’t alert them to what I was doing. “Yes, David, you can fuck your precious little girl, baby. Mamma wants you to have her.” I jammed my two fingers in deeper, my toes curling, eyes quivering as my first orgasm feasted upon me, biting into me starting at my spine. My stomach muscles flexed as I came while thinking of David, defiling her, making her a woman as she thought of her daddy more like a husband. “Will you cum inside your baby girl?” I asked myself aloud, sending another rippling orgasm through me. I gasped, biting back a squeal, my hips lurching forward. “Fuck her with your mind for now, David, imagine her tight little cunt wrapped around her daddy’s big cock, ooh, shit!” I growled through gritted teeth as I bucked in our office chair, damn near every muscle in my body spasming as my third orgasm ripped through me, making me bite down on my cheeks in order to sober me enough to keep me from screaming out. “You want something to drink, Daddy?” she asked him sweetly as I panted a quick recovery. Emily hopped back up and turned to face him. “Sure, sweetie, whatever you’re having,” he said and ...