1. Red - Part VI – Grace takes the Train

    Date: 5/23/2019, Categories: Fantasy Voyeur / Exhibitionism Hardcore, Interracial Oral Sex / Blowjob Author: Backw00ds44, Source: sexstories.com

    Grace had driven the last 20 miles in silence. The five hour trip down I-95 had already taken seven hours and there was still probably ninety minutes to go. Lauren had laid the seat back and had been knocked out cold since they left the truck stop. Grace’s cunt still throbbed. She had never experienced a fucking like had just happened. She thought the trip would be a fun day, filled with some innocent, trucker flashing and then, following a text from her oldest daughter, Sara, they’d stopped at the truck Stop near Dale City, VA. Lauren had laid out the whole story about their black-mailing trucker friend, Cliff, and Grace, hornier than she’d ever been, had agreed to a quick fuck for them both in his sleeper. Just as Cliff had started getting them off and was fucking Lauren, his buddy Marcus had slipped quietly into the sleeper and had given Grace almost more that she could handle. Marcus was a tall, light-skinned black Mandingo-looking stud and when he started hammering Grace with his ten inch cock, she lost all control. Her cunt ached from the fucking, first Marcus and then Cliff. Just the thought of Marcus fucking her, while Cliff pounded her youngest daughter beside her, made her wet again. She reached down and slid her hand under her black jean skirt and realized that she’d left her thongs in the truck. “Oh fuck it,” she muttered and motored on, her full red bush on display for the truckers. She looked over at Lauren and her legs were splayed open as well, showing her  light brown, short bush to every trucker that happened to glance over. Neither one cared. They were both wet with sweat since Red, the old ’99 Corolla, had no A/C. Mom, 43, tall, pale-skinned and with a bright red bush, sported a short black jean skirt. Lauren, her youngest at 18, just had her wisdom teeth pulled and that’s why Grace was driving her back to school. What a wild fucking trip it had been! Grace pulled into Sara’s apartment complex at 6:30. Their 5 hour trip had turned in to 8 ½! She glanced up at the mirror and looked horrible. Turning to face Lauren, she looked just as bad. “Wake up honey, we’re here.” Lauren grabbed at the lever on the side of the seat and sat upright. Sara didn’t know her mom was driving Lauren back so Grace sent her inside first. “Go tell Sara you need help getting stuff out of the car. I want to surprise her.” Lauren headed towards the entrance. Grace could tell her pussy was sore too by the way she walked. She chuckled under her breathe. “Holy shit, look at you!” Sara laughed as Lauren entered. “I take it you got a good fucking?” “Oh my God, you wouldn’t believe it. Can you help me get some stuff out of the car?” They headed down the steps towards Red. Sara almost passed out from shock when there stood her mom, Grace, leaning against Red. Her mind went wild. “How did Lauren get fucked if MOM was with her?” Sara tried to gather herself. “Ummm, mom, what a surprise. So glad to see you.” Looking more closely, her mom looked as bad as her sister. ...