1. Tina and the Park Pickup Pt 1

    Date: 5/23/2019, Categories: First Time Incest / Taboo Masturbation / Toys Author: ChaosClubHooker, Source: xHamster

    As I slowly walked across the park towards home I could make out in the distance on a bench the outline of a person sitting down.Unsure who it was I started walking further across the other side to avoid them.I had stayed out way way too late and was walking home in daylight which I never really did.Too scared still at this stage.A car came screeching in through the park and I froze and immediately ducked away out of sight into some trees hoping they wouldn't see me.It was a spot to go for girls but the rule was only at night.When I watched them slow down over where I saw someone they suddenly sped off and I stepped out and looked over and saw no one now.Boldly I stepped back out on the path and was for a moment lost in the still air and click clack of my heels on the pavement.As I stopped to light a smoke on a bench for a moment this figure stepped out from the opposite pathway and asked to bum a smoke.A wave of relief swept over me as I saw a somewhat familiar face from our group.I had seen her around and maybe joined a table or few at various bars but never held a conversation with her.From memory her name started with a T lol but thats all I had ...Smiling broadly I offered the pack and she reached over for them and thanking me as she lit up affirmed her name was Tina probably in the same vein of me saying my name in return which I did and she said how she was glad to finnally speak without having to yell over bar noises and music.While she made small talk my mind began  racing wondering what was under those clothes,was she still working and if I could cum on her face.See she always ALWAYS looked very plain and sedate.Moderate.Average.Basic straight dark hair,minimal makeup baggy jeans,sensible shoes,big loose sweater and jacket. But she had beautiful skin and an amazing cute face with a gorgeous smile.An athletic body and nice full tits with an hourglass figure.I seen her once at a house when she was on her way to meet a client and it nearly made me cum in my panties just looking at her.After she left Karen told me that woman was in her 40's and worked like we did.I was astonished she looked mid to late 20's at the most.That was maybe 4 months ago in the warmer weather and I hadn't seen her for ages but now it was the end of winter and well here we were.I had thought about her a few times.I was in a daze it seemed as I snapped out to clicking fingers and her stamping out a smoke and her saying she had to get back to work.Here's your chance I thought to myself.I mentioned to be careful as the sun was now glowing bright orange and some joggers were starting to appear.She looked at her non existant watch and agreed noting she had forgotten the rule.She asked if I wanted to keep her company at the club instead of here and I nodded yes hopping down of the bench.She remarked how I was already dressed for it and I said that yeah but she was made for it under all those clothes.Grabbing my arm and slowing my walk she turned me to face her and kind of ...