1. Things get wild in Africa

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    Things get wild in Africa. Pt 1. Back in the fifties and sixties, my father worked in Tanganyika or Tanzania as it’s now called. I was then twenty, I was in the British army, based in the UK and I had saved up two months leave having been given permission to take an extended leave to visit my parents. They lived at the time in a very remote area with only a small handful of European engineers and a number of Indians, mostly Sikhs who occupies mainly admin roles. I quickly realised how boring those two months were going to be, with nothing to do after the initial bit of exploring the local bush. Which was quite dangerous due to the abundance of wildlife, snakes, spiders, etc. So I didn’t do too much of that. I had been there a few days and was wandering around looking for a suitable piece of wood to make a catapult. “Hello,” said a quiet voice behind me, I turned around and there was this pretty little girl, maybe eighteen years old. “Are you Mr Grant’s son? Oh sorry, silly question really because you must be”. “Yes, I am,” I said, “My name’s Peter or rather Pete, who are you?” “I’m Jane, my dad works for your dad at the depot. I’ve seen you knocking about and you really do look quite fed up already and I hear you’ve got a couple of months here”. “You’re not wrong there,” I said, “really don’t know what to do with myself”. “Have you seen the bats yet?” Jane asked. When I shook my head, she said “Come on then, I’ll show you. They’re in the mango trees over by the hill”. So off  we went, a few hundred yards and there were dozens of mango trees. “You can’t eat the mangos,” Jane said, “They’re the wrong type but they do make good chutney. Follow me to that big tree over there but look out for snakes, there’s lots of them around here”. The tree was big, like a huge umbrella and very dark up in the canopy. One huge branch had deformed and was growing out from the tree parallel to the ground and three or four feet above the ground. “If you sit up there and look up and after a bit, you’ll be able to see all the bats hanging near the top,” she said. I climbed up a bit awkwardly but eventually got myself perched on the branch and looked up. Quite quickly I found I could see hundreds of bats, clustered all over the place. “I can see them,” I exclaimed looking back to Jane. She wasn’t looking upwards though, she was instead looking at my shorts. I suddenly realised that with all the manoeuvring when getting up, my cock had come out of my underpants and she must be able to see it up the inside leg of my shorts. She hadn’t noticed that I had looked down at her and her gaze was transfixed on my cock. She’s probably never seen one before I thought. Feeling a bit embarrassed, I turned sideways away from her and looked back up in the tree again. When I looked back, she had also moved around, so she could see up my shorts once more. My cock had, of course, developed a mind of its own and had begun to grow. You dirty sod I thought. But for some reason, I just turned ...