1. Things get wild in Africa

    Date: 5/23/2019, Categories: Fiction Ass to mouth, Bisexual Black, Oral Sex / Blowjob Cum Swallowing Lesbian First Time Group Sex Teen Water Sports / Pissing, Author: bravebombadier, Source: sexstories.com

    ... about, I could twist my body from side to side, knowing my cock was coming more and more into view and by now was rock hard. Mandi’s eyes were huge with surprise, she’d probably had a strict and sheltered upbringing. The other two girls, who had already seen it before, just looked enraptured. I could swear there was a gleam in Mary’s eyes. I just continued to sit admiring the view, pretending to be completely unaware of anything else. I suddenly noticed that Mary had slipped an arm under her body and I could just make out her bum was moving about a bit, so I knew she was rubbing herself between her legs. I could see that I wasn’t the only one to notice, as Mandi was glancing at Mary with a shocked look on her face. Jane didn't appear to realise what was going on I thought. I lay back, which was a mistake as my cock then wanted to stand upright but although it strained against the edge of my shorts, it couldn’t go any further. But I could feel it had started to twitch with the effort, which they must all be able to see. Mary stood up and came to lie beside calling for Mandi to lie on my other side. Jane meanwhile, just kept staring. Inching herself closer to me, Mary whispered, “We didn’t see any snakes on the way here today but we’ve seen one now!” She giggled and continued, “I didn’t know whether to believe Jane when she told me about what she had seen the other day but I do now. None of us have seen one like that before although we talk about them a lot at my boarding school. Mandi’s a bit shocked but I can tell that she’s fascinated, so don’t worry.” I then felt her hand lightly stroke the outside of my leg, until after a little while she asked “Do you think that I could touch it, it won’t bite will it?” and again that lovely giggle. “No it won’t bite but it might spit a bit, so go ahead." “Jane doesn't go to boarding school, she's been schooled at home so doubt she's talked about ......er," she paused, "cocks before but I know the dirty little girl has been pinching some of mum and dad’s naughty books, so she’s read about it but never seen anything till you showed up.” With that, I felt her hand move slowly up the side of my leg and then pushed my shorts up a bit. Naturally, upon being freed from its restriction, my cock jumped up into full view, standing smartly to attention. Mary’s hand moved straight to it and her fingers gently caressed it, exploring her first touch of a cock. She let her fingers slowly tease all over and then said, “Come on Mandi” Mary said, “have a feel, it’s beautiful.” Mandi reached over very tentatively but Mary grabbed her hand and pulled it to me. She wrapped Mandi’s fingers round my cock with hers on top of Mandi’s and then started to slowly move them up and down. “This is what the girls at school say you do, is it right?” asked Mary. “Yes, it’s right but you do know what will happen if you keep doing that”? I asked. “I think so but it’s only what I’ve heard” Mary replied with another of her giggles and they ...