1. Patrick

    Date: 5/23/2019, Categories: Fantasy Anal Cheating Gay Mature / Older Author: luv 2 wear cotton panties, Source: sexstories.com

    My name is Patrick, I like men, older men always have. Not real frilly, girly gay men either. Big strong men with hair on their chest and balls. I like to have sex with real men not boys who want to be girls. Get it? Good. My story is about the first older man who I ever had sex with. I was fifteen years old never been with a girl, ever, always was attracted to cock. Any way I had however been with three guys my own age at this point and was open to about everything. I was in my Emo phase, with jet black hair and super skinny body at that point and a lot of gay guys found me attractive and I liked that. I never had to go far to find cock. Even recorded my sexcapades for on-line posting a few times. My best friend was a girl named Angela. She live in a big house with her parents Paul and Wendy. He was a stone mason, she was a nurse. Nice family great people made me feel welcome whenever I was there. Especially Paul. So when my parents wanted to go away on a second honeymoon they felt fine with things when Paul and Wendy said I could stay with them so they could get away, instead of leaving a teenager alone for three weeks. The first few days were great. I got along well with it all. But several days in Paul began to seem a little uncomfortable with me around. I thought maybe I was perhaps getting on his nerves but the next evening things became clear. Wendy was working a double at the retirement home where she worked so she would be gone all night and Angela had an overnight  trip with the girls basketball team so it was just going to be Paul and I that night, awkward! I was walking home from school with some friends when Paul pulled up in his truck. He looked so cute in his big pick up. His salt and pepper hair matted from a days work his black t shirt was sweaty and sticking to his large upper body. He told me to jump in and we drove up to his place. We having no desire to cook ordered Asian food and he took a shower while we waited for the delivery. He came down and answered the door and paid for the food, he was in a pair of cargo shorts and a red t-shirt that looked about one size too small but it complimented his green eyes. I was still in my torn Levi’s with the studded belt and long sleeve purple shirt. My hair was short and the bangs were down in front of my face then, and I had three holes pierced in each ear. I was wearing the silver chain necklace Angela gave me for my birthday. We ate the food and after supper he went down to his workshop in the basement and I did homework. I could hear lots of banging and hammering so I got curious as to what he was doing. I went down to see him putting together a table he was building. It was oak and quite beautiful, the man was good with his hands. He saw me and smiled and pointed to a small fridge on the far side of the room. “there is beer if you want one” “what kind?” “Corona” “I think I will” I opened a bottle for myself and handed one to him. He smiled and we toasted and he took a long drink. ...